Version 3.1 is out now!

Version 3.1 is out now!

Important: license system update

The license system in Pintastic has been updated in v.3.1, and now ALL licenses will require Zend to run, as part of the files have been encrypted. These files do not contain any functionality; they only hold license-related information. We kindly invite everyone, willing to run versions 3.0 and later to install Zend Guard Loader
on their servers.


The changes are available in the patch that will update your system from v.3.0 to v.3.1.


NEW: Add a pin button on the My pins page.

NEW: when creating boards “on the fly” (while adding a pin) users can now attach them to a category.

Fixed: board description now displayed.

Fixed: Admin > Reports > Reported comments now displaying the information required.

Fixed: when added new countries also follow alphabetical order.

NEW: pin prefix can now be changed in the admin.

Fixed: repin count and price now updated.

NEW: displaying who liked and repinned  the pin in the pin detail page.

Fixed: activity for new users.

Fixed: arrow keys while in the comment box no longer move to previous/next pin.

Fixed: apostrophe in comments no longer switches to HTML code.

Updated: security system.

Fixed: multiple users in s shared board no longer spill from the layout box.

NEW: link to Twitter profile now displayed.

NEW: users can now be REMOVED from shared board.

NEW: users notified via activity and e-mail for board invitation.

Fixed: City field limited to 32 symbols.

Updated: activity list now separated in groups of 5.

NEW: “Top” button now hidden when the user is still at the top of the page.

NEW: notifications added for expiring services: featured pin and power user.

Fixed: “Facebook Alerts: Too Many Login Dialog Permissions” error for Facebook app.

NEW: private messages module support added; the module is available separately.

NEW MODULE: Private messages module

NEW: pin image Alt tag added.

Fixed: notification of accepted shared board invite.

Fixed: gift prices now converted properly – 100 Yen and 100 USD displayed in appropriate filter.

NEW: support for Right-to-left languages – Arabic, Hebrew, etc.

Fixed: brand removal now done through the admin panel.

Updated: admins can change welcome page image through the admin panel.

NEW MODULE: Popshops Crawler

NEW MODULE: Pinterest ™ Crawler

Fixed: Pinterest ™ thumb retrieval

Fixed: Vimeo thumb retrieval

NEW: added Share button to board view.

NEW: added number of pins and number of followers for a board in the board detail page.

NEW MODULE: YouTube Crawler

Fixed: user boards count

NEW MODULE: Online status module

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