Handmade Boutique Design

Handmade Boutique Design


This is an innovative responsive ecommerce theme, that can be applied to marketplace for handmade items, a gift store, or a flower shop. The theme will look just as attractive on PCs, laptops and mobile devices, and will offer its full set of features on any resolution.

Light colors and simple, yet stylish design, keep the visitors focused on your products… and on purchasing them! We are happy to customize the theme for you.

Please note that the theme requires a system license. Please note that the theme requires a system license. You need to download the file, extract it to a folder in your computer, then upload the whole content of that folder to where your script is installed. To apply your theme, please go to your admin panel, and from the System menu select System settings, then Base config. Go to the bottom of the page, and select the theme you need from the Site template dropdown. Click Save and refresh your site to see the template applied to the site.

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