Pintastic is the ultimate Pinterest ™ clone script!

Pinterest ™ Clone Script v 4.4


Pintastic is a unique Pinterest ™ clone software that you can use to build your own social network site, and earn a steady income with a variety of add-on monetizing tools.

The platform is so powerful and versatile that you only need to install one module to transform the best Pinterest ™ clone into a social marketplace script.

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Pinterest ™ Clone Script v 4.4

Pintastic is among the top pinterest clone scripts on the market - it is the product of over 3 years of continuous development, and over 3000 custom modules and designs. With over 2000 sites live around the globe it is certainly the most popular one, too.

So what is Pintastic?

At the core of our Pintastic Script is a system for posting, sharing, describing and organizing content that people like. It was conceived as exact Pinterest ™ clone software, but quickly outgrew this narrow frame. It is an online pinboard script – users can pin images (including animated GIFs) from websites or from their PCs. PIntastic can be even a social marketplace script where sellers and buyers can meet each other. 

Pintastic is also a video sharing script (a.k.a. chill clone), where videos from sites like YouTube and Vimeo can be pinned.  Being a pinterest software, it also allows users to collect websites and pages from around the Web.


Each pin:

  1. Has a text description, unique URL and metatags.
  2. Can be liked and commented on
  3. May be shared within the site and to hundreds of other sites
  4. Can be correlated to others on your site using the built-in tag system
  5. Is organized in categories and boards (public and secret)
  6. May be grouped by interests* to make them more discoverable
  7. And can be promoted to the top of the homepage and the category pages for a fee*.

*Requires a separated module.

Add functionality to your project

For the newest Member of the Pintastic family we have developed more than 40 different modules, with which you can make your project unique and to suit to your needs. Take a look over the modules and pick them from the respective sections:

  • Monetizing modules

  • Selling online modules

  • Payment Modules

  • General Purpose Modules

  • Crawlers

  • Filters

More information about the modules, you can find here.

Choose from the “Bundles”

If you don’t know what functionality to take for your project, check the “Bundles” section, where you can find a Pintastic script combined with modules to match your needs. In this section we have offering the most searched combinations of our best selling clone script plus some of the most popular modules. The best in these combinations is that once you order them, you can download the script and modules in a single archive - all you need to do is install them - and you will start making profit.

You can make a custom combination only with the modules you want - remove the modules you don't need, add the ones you desire with a single click and SAVE UP TO 20%!  Join our Members Club and you can buy the bundle with 20% discount compared with the regular price.


  • complete business model - install and launch your project

  • All features you need already included

  • Perfect for start of new online business

Choose from our selection of Bundles on this page.


Successful Business Solutions

Based on our users' experience and the requests sent by our customers we have prepared a new section in our beautiful site named Successful Business Solutions. There you can find ready business models in different areas - travel, real estate, online stores etc. The solutions include predefined design template which comes with script and the needed functionality.

Choose the solution that matches your idea and start your own business today!

Our answer is simple: “Everything”. From creating a Pinterest ™ clone - online pinboard script to Social marketplace script

The reason is that Pintastic is packed full of features, with very flexible system and can be combined with a number of off-the-shelf modules that can instantly upgrade its capabilities.  

At that the core of Pintastic is the best pinterest clone – a system for posting, sharing, describing and organizing content that people like.


Members can:

  1. Collect websites and pages from around the Web, using their accounts as virtual Bookmark folder
  2. Post images (including animated GIFs) from websites or from their PCs
  3. Pin videoclips from YouTube, Vimeo and similar sites. The embedded clips will play within Pintastic instead of directing users to the source page, which means our solution is a complete video sharing script (a.k.a. chill clone), too
  4. Assign pins to public or secret boards within the site categories
  5. Like and comment on all public pins
  6. Share them within the site
  7. Add tags to pins to join them into an Interest*, thus making them more discoverable
  8. Search for pins, people, boards and tags
  9. Register, login, synch and automatically post to their Facebook and Twitter accounts
  10. And can be promoted to the top of the homepage and the category pages for a fee*

With these the features of a fully functional social network script you can create Pinterest ™ clone within a few minutes! Build online communities, promote ideas, videos, products and services right after you install!


Do you have a hobby or a cause?
Use Pintastic to build a site, post images, videos, tips, tricks and questions and join others in discussions.

Do you want to create an affiliate marketplace website or online marketplace script?

Use the Skimlinks converter to instantly turn product links into affiliate ones. Alternatively, you can install the Popshops crawler and import thousands of products (complete with image galleries, descriptions and titles ) from the biggest retailers online within a couple of days. If the same product is found in multiple stores - a price comparison table will also be shown. If a visitor clicked on your affiliate link and purchased a product from the online retailer – you will receive commission in accordance with Popshops or Skimlinks rates. Pintastic can also be transformed in a social selling platform using the Marketplace module. Combine that with the User groups and permissions module to allow a selection of few, who can create their shops and post products. When you add the Subscriptions module, you will be able to also offer paid seller packages to vendors - permissions to list products and create coupon codes.

Your members demand auction-style sales?
No problem - upgrade your marketplace script with the Auction module to allow for eBay-style selling. We mentioned subscriptions and payment multiple times so far. Pintastic features a built-in Service cart to purchase and keep history of all subscriptions the user ever paid for. As for the payment processing itself - the script includes a PayPal module, so all purchases are handled securely by the best in business. We also offer an alternative CCBill payment module that works with credit cards.

If you’re looking to expand into the adult entertainment business - you can use Pintastic as the basis for your Pornhub clone, XHamster clone, or XVideos clone site.

*Requires a separate module.

If you need additional functions – you can purchase our open source Pinterest ™ clone license to gain access to the Pinterest ™ clone PHP code. You can contact Amexi’s sales team with your specifications, and ask for a customization quote.

Pintastic is a 100% modular system

By installing separate modules the system can be transformed from a pinterest script clone into a complete business solution that will generate a stable income for you. There are multiple ways for you to earn money:

  1. by publishing third-party ads using the Banner system module (Supports images, Flash and Google Ads)

  2. by charging fees for featuring posts on the site homepage, or turning your members into power users

  3. by turning your site into an affiliate/dropshipping marketplace with access to hundreds of millions of items and a built-in price comparison engine

  4. add the Marketplace module and transform your site into a pinterest clone with selling feature into complete social marketplace script

  5. install the Subscriptions module to offer subscription plans for various access rights within the system (like charging fees for publishing pins, products, for creating discount coupons, etc.)

or combining all these sources of income into your system! Payments can be completed securely using PayPal (built-in) or Stripe and CCBill (as additional modules).

The best part? We can create custom monetizing modules for your online pinboard script. Please purchase our Pinterest ™ script Open Source license and send us your specification so we can provide you with a development quote.

*Requires the purchase of a separate module.

Packed with amazing features

The version 4.0 of our popular Pinterest ™ clone script keeps all the features of its predecessors, and adds new ones to the list. With the Pintastic Framework you can add modules anytime to further extend the system capabilities.

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    100% Responsive Design

    Today a website that does not have a mobile version can lose as many as 60% of its visitors. Pintastic is Fully Responsive and offers you the best solution for tablets, smartphones and phablets. This is the fastest and easiest way to interact with any Pintastic site script on your mobile device.

  • Icon

    Unique Pinboard Design

    Pintastic is the latest release of our pinboard script, and it features a brand new design across all of its pages. Contemporary, clean, streamlined and heavily content-focused, the new layout remains as intuitive as ever. Pintastic shows users more, while retaining all the great features that made versions 1, 2 and 3 so popular!

  • Icon

    Multilanguage Support

    Pintastic can be translated into multiple languages, all from within the admin control panel. Text changes are instantly activated after you press the Save button.

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    SEO-Centered System

    Pintastic has been created to offer you a powerful built-in SEO tool. Every pin, board and category has its own Meta tags – these are also in different languages! Every piece of content on your website will be indexed, allowing for more organic search traffic than ever before.

  • Icon

    Multiple Payment Options

    Pintastic comes with Paypal as default payment method at the new version. The module is programmed for quick implementation and after install you just have to fill your personal data from Paypal to strat earning money. Pintastic offers other payment methods as modules such as Stripe, CCBill and others

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    Service Cart

    This module come as default with the new version of Pintastic. Service cart module it's perfect for your marketplace clone script to monetize business

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    Smart Search

    The search engine in Pinterest ™ ™ Clone has had a complete overhaul… to ensure that your users’ search results are faster and more relevant than ever before. You’ll need to have MySQL 5.6 installed on your server to make full use of this feature, but ultimately our improved Pintastic search engine means less searches will need to be performed, and that in turn results in a lower stress on your server.

  • Icon

    Social Networks Integration

    These days, it’s hard to imagine a website without the usual social network sharing buttons, or a Facebook registration and login – and our advanced Pinterest ™ ™ clone script has it all! Registration, log-in, sharing, OAuth actions, finding and inviting friends – you name it! Pintastic also features full support for Twitter. Additionally, we’ve added a “Share It” button for almost 300 social sites, to ensure that your users are able to share your content far and wide across the web.

  • Icon

    Bring your site to life with Animated GIFs and Video

    Pintastic supports animated GIF images in both previews and detail pages.  Regardless of image size, your GIF file will always be uploaded and handled properly, to be displayed in its full glory on pages or search results. The system also supports popular video hosting sites like YouTube, Vimeo and many more.

  • Icon

    Endless Scrolling

    All of your content in just one page – no paging, just scroll down to see more! We’ve managed to combine lightning-fast loading times, smooth scrolling and a minimized hardware footprint all in one product… Pintastic!

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    Smart Pinmarklet Plugin

    Prepare to enjoy one-click pinning from Pintastic! Add the button to your Bookmarks bar, visit any site and click the “Pin It” button – you’ll instantly see a selection of images you can pin, complete with all the additional features that our script offers.

  • Icon

    Mention Users for More Exposure

    Users can “tag” each other in a comment – just enter the @ symbol, and then start typing the username of someone you follow in order to drop them a mention. When your comment is posted, the tagged user will receive a notification of the mention.

  • Icon

    Smart pin browsing

    Want to review all pins in a board quickly, or browse search results? Easy! Click on a pin to see its detail page, then use Previous or Next button to see the rest!

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    Built-in Email Notifications Management

    Notifications about various activities – getting a new follower, your pin being liked, repinned or commented on – as well as many more, are all managed in the user settings interface (turned on or off). Site owners can customize notifications format and content from within the administrative panel.

  • Icon

    Unlimited Public, Shared and Private Boards

    Have a lot of interests? Organize them in boards – as many as you like! You can invite other people to contribute to shared boards, or you can keep your passions private by making boards secret at the flick of a switch – and share posts with just a select few. Whereas other solutions only offer a finite number of such boards, Pintastic offers unlimited access to this great feature.

  • Icon

    Unlimited Marketing Potential

    Pintastic is a powerful promotional tool, with plenty of clever streams for additional revenue: featured and VIP pins, the Power User, product filters and the banner ad system (these modules are available separately). Even the basic site structure is geared up towards driving more sales, with unlimited categories and subcategories in which to sell your products or services. Let your users market your business for you with their likes, comments, re-pins and shares to social networks! Our Pinterest ™ ™ clone script supports full integration with social networks, as well as a wide range of language options. There is no limit to the number of languages supported – both left-to-right and right-to-left script can be featured on the same site – and with unique meta tags for each of them.

  • Icon

    Pricing Tags with Multi-Currency Support

    Pintastic can automatically capture prices, whenever they appear combined with a recognized currency symbol. The price will be displayed in the upper right corner of each monetized post, and is automatically converted into the currency of the user.

    *Available with the Store module.

  • Icon

    Unlimited Categories and Subcategories

    The category hierarchy has no limit on the number of levels available. The complete control of the category system also helps the administrator to target the advertisements that appear on the site.

  • Icon

    No duplicate content

    Pintastic reduces the number of repeated posts and irrelevant search results by not displaying repins in the category, landing and search pages.

  • Icon

    Integrated Translation Management Console

    Unlike many other scripts that boast about how they can be translated using language pack-in files, Pintastic’s translation system is an integral part of the administrative panel. Simply select which interface you want to translate, pick the language and make your changes – they’ll be visible instantly, once you’ve clicked the “Save” button.

  • Icon

    Built-in CMS

    Use the CMS in the admin panel to create an unlimited number of pages. Whether you need to add more relevant content, make announcements, or simply post your site’s rules… our built-in CMS is a simple and effective tool for providing additional information to your users.

  • Icon


    When it comes to loading times, Pintastic 4 is in a class of its own. Thanks to carefully optimized queries, a streamlined search engine and a choice of several different cache types pins and pages load over 10x faster than they did in Version 2 and up to 1.3 times faster than Version 3! Listing pins within a board is also much faster, making the user experience a treat.

  • Icon

    Optional Account Verification Emails

    This option presents a form of bot-protection, by sending a unique email link to each new subscriber. Unless that user receives the message and clicks the link, the new account will not be activated – helping you to avoid spammers from infiltrating your Pintastic website.

  • Icon

    Easy to install

    To ensure that your Pintastic website works properly, the automatic installer will also check if your server is compatible with the requirements.  If there are no warnings – just enter the database and administrator credentials and push the Install button. The system will complete the rest of the work for you.

  • Icon

    Improved Security

    As with many other features in the new version of Pintastic, we talked to our customers to find out how they felt our security systems could be improved. Based on their feedback, we’ve updated a lot of the components – making Pintastic safer for both users and admins alike.

  • Icon

    Module-Based System

    Most of our customers require custom modifications. In the past, these meant their systems were impossible to update automatically, as those custom modifications would be overwritten each time. Pintastic on the other hand, is a fully modular system – which means that your site can benefit from new updates whenever we issue a patch or a new version.

  • Icon

    Apache and NGINX Support

    Since 2012 Pintastic has been running on both Apache and NGINX – the two most popular web servers available. With over 70% of the top websites on their books, both servers offer a robust and reliable solution for your website. Since it first came to be in 1995, Apache has reached the #1 spot on the market, with over a billion websites running on it today. NGINX is a newer, lightweight solution, intended to power websites with extremely high visitor count while requiring minimum server resources.

  • Icon

    MemCached and APC Support

    One of the reasons Pintastic is so fast, is the usage of memory object caching. The administrators can pick between memcached and APC, depending on their setup and preferences. The change is done through the admin panel – no other server settings are required.

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    Building on our experience with Versions 2 and 3, the new Pintastic uses a scalable architecture that enables it to run on both budget setups, and distributed computing solutions. Regardless of the load, you’ll always be using the same software solution – without the need to customize it in any way. This scalable approach is set to considerably reduce your starting and running costs.

View All Features

You had an IDEA, a BUDGET, and after an extensive search discovered Pintastic.

You paid to get pinterest clone, but now that you have it you don’t know where to start?
Let us help. Even if you have never installed a interest clone app or any other script before - your download includes a pictorial installation and setup guide that will help you configure Pinterest ™ best clone script step by step. You can also save time by ordering a professional installation from our team (and providing access to your server). If you order Amexi’s 12 month optimised hosting plan - you will receive the services for free.

If you need additional assistance you can contact our Technical support team for assistance.

Once you have Pintastic up and running you can use the built-in pinterest clone cms to create information pages for your users (e.g. About Us), update the Help section, add terms and conditions, etc. Once you got that covered you need 2 more ingredients: content and users. Amexi is happy to offer a solution for those two problems as well. Thanks to our family crawler modules you can have thousands of posts to your site  AUTOMATICALLY in a matter of days - without spending precious time in front of the computer pinning away. Depending on your niche you can order, configure and use the following:

  1. Pinterest ™ crawler - helps you get themed content from this popular site, along with users and even comments.

  2. YouTube Crawler - search for videos, and this module will automatically post the results onto your Pintastic site.

  3. The Popshops Crawler, which posts products and price comparisons from the biggest online retailers onto your site. You will gain commission every time your visitor purchases and item through the “Buy” link on your site.

  4. Pornhub crawler - add thousands of pre-screened adult videos onto your website AUTOMATICALLY.

  5. Xhamster crawler - get the best content from the leader in amateur adult entertainment with minimum effort possible.

  6. XVideos crawler - the simplest, cheapest and fastest way to realize your project for an XVideos clone site.

Now that you have the content, your users will have a lot to buy and interact with. But do you have a wide enough audience?
How about connecting and posting automatically to the two most influential social networks in the world? Your members can login and register with their existing accounts, and post automatically to their walls only by simply using the Twitter and Facebook modules. Combine this with the built-in sharing module, connecting your users to over 300 sites, and you get a very extensive promotional tool. With the users increasing - you can start earning money by selling subscriptions for Featured pins, Power user privileges, access to other perks like pinning privileges.

We also offer a Marketplace module to turn your website in a social selling platform. In order to unleash the full potential of your project you can explore two very important features of our responsive pinterest clone: your users can get updates for their profile around the clock with the pinterest clone mobile app. Thanks to our Restful API module you can use the advantages of a native Android app, or a pinterest iphone app clone.

How do you turn your pinboard pinterest clone into a money-making machine?

First of all, please be aware that a site will require planning, dedication, and serious work to become profitable. Purchasing Pintastic is only the first step - it is equivalent to providing you with a power tool, which you will have to use in order to attain your goal (ultimately - to gain sustainable income).

After your pinboard pinterest clone script is purchased and installed, the first thing you need is content - a lot of posts that are relevant to your marketing niche so you can attract users. Amexi offers a number of content crawlers that will help you automatically get thousands of pins on your sites without spending time on the PC.

The next step is to keep your audience engaged by providing them more interactions, like a private messages facility, or a live chat option. Earn money by displaying themed banner ads on designated spots around your website. You can also receive money for helping interested users

  1. Promote their posts with the Featured pins module

  2. Become trendsetters using the Power user one

  3. or gain other premium features

These subscriptions are paid directly using PayPal, and members are granted access to the perks automatically. Now that you have a loyal community you can consider adding affiliate module to increase your income - use the Skimlinks converter to turn product links into affiliate ones with your ID!

Alternatively you can use the Affiliate Grabber, select which from over 100 million products to import into your site. The Buy links for all imported products are affiliate links  The crawler can import thousands of products every day, and automatically make updates to the built-in price comparison, shown on every product page.

Now you can move onto the next step and start selling products ON YOUR SITE. Thanks to our Marketplace module you can supplement the social function of your site with either

  1. An online store, where only the administrator can list products for sale

  2. or a multi-vendor marketplace

Whether only  subscribing users or everyone can list is entirely up to you to decide - our User groups and permissions module will help you set this up.  You can also take this a step further, and add the Auction module to transform your pinterest clone bootstrap into a social marketplace website similar to eBay. There are always too many products in a marketplace - so why not help your visitors discover what they are looking for faster? Add our filters by type, price, title, color, country and city, and narrow search results down by introducing results in a single store.

Last but not least you can install the Location module - a great way to

  1. Plan or document a trip, and turn your site into a Trippy clone

  2. Display pins products and search results on a helpful Google maps layer

All of your hard work and investment will only pay off with a proper promotion and SEO campaign. While the Pintastic system (both core script and the modules) are SEO-optimized, you will need to perform additional optimization for keywords that are particular to your marketing niche and community. We can assist with this as well - just select the SEO service as an option when purchasing your license! If you are looking for pintastic nulled or other free pinterest clone php, please be aware that most of these scripts are either buggy or missing features, will not work modules, and you will not be able to either get support, or download updates.

Pinterest ™ Clone Script v 4.4 License type

Please choose your license type. You can always update it to upper level if you wish. For more information see our licenses page.

Choose Your Services
Regular license

The Regular License lets you use the script for a lifetime. The license is attached to domain name. You will have the option to change the licensed domain once per 12 monts. To change the licensed domain name - simply contact us and provide the current domain name and the new one. You have the option at any time upgrade this type of license to Open Source license by simply paying the difference between prices. This license type DOES NOT grant you rights to resell the script to third parties.


Price without Members discount Card €599

Best Value
Open Source License

The Open Source License lets you use the script for a lifetime. The Open Source License allows you to modify the full functionality of our script. Only several files that handle licensing are Encrypted. They are NOT related to the functionality. It is important to know that the Open Source License DOES NOT entitle you to resell the script to third parties. For more information please read our terms and conditions.


Price without Members discount Card €1,299

Multi Domain license

Multi Domain License allows you Full Access to the files of our script (except for the encrypted files that deal with the license), and you can install the script on as many domains you like. You can update the entire functionality of the script, except for the files that deal with the license. It is important to know that the Multi Domain License DOES NOT entitle you to resell it to third parties. For more information please read our terms and conditions.


Price without Members discount Card €1,999

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