Website Builder Software. Drag and drop website builder script

Website Builder Software

Suitable solution for hosting companies which want to add value to their services providing site building tool to their clients. 

The SiteBuilder Script is a complete business solution for hosting companies, comprising of a sales site and a modular Web-based tool for creating websites quick and easy, with just drag-and-drop.

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Website Builder Software

In today's digital world successful business rely on their Internet presence to stay in tocuh with existing customers, and create new ones. But how does one build a site without programming or design knowledge, or without paying loads of money to specialized companies?

Amexi is offering the solution: Website Builder Software is a web-based tool for creating websites quickly and easily, with no previous experience required.

This is php website builder software with easy to use fully drag and drop functions. This site builder software is business in a box and ready for use after its installation (installation of website builder script is included as free service and take 1 business day)

We sell more than a script that you install to an account and provide access to: we are offering a complete business model for web hosting companies that are willing to offer site building tools to their customers. This is our Website builder script!

The niche is free for development. There are few big players on the market and there is big chance for you. You do not need to wait for the development. This software is ready now! With built-in subscription system our software will charge your customers via paypal on monthly basis

This system is an ideal solution for internet entrepreneurs, hosting companies, service providers, web design companies and many more.

You might think that this is a big investment for a piece of software that you install on a server. What we're offering you is complete, out of the box solution for a new business.

The system is loaded with tons of features that will make it easier on both your business and your customers, persuading them to switch to a monthly subscription.

Using our experience providing solutions to clients from all around the world we have simplified the process from sign-up to building a site as much as possible to help make the solution even more attractive to first-time users.You will provide the best solution to your clients with less extensive knowledge in the web sphere.

  • Registration
  • Customers come to your website, create an account  and fill in their domain name.
  • Choose plan
  • They users have to select a service plan.
  • Template choice
  • The customers select the best theme for their website.
  • Add Content
  • Clients now start creating pages and content.

Amexi will install the Website Builder software to your server, and will include a complete marketing and selling site where your customers sign up, choose their service package, and then create their site with the tools and modules available – simply using drag and drop and selecting options. This is why we call it Drag and Drop website builder

If you would like to try the Website Builder script please check the demo and for more information contact us at [email protected]

Website Builder Software License type

Please choose your license type. You can always update it to upper level if you wish. For more information see our licenses page.

Choose Your Services
Regular license

The Regular License lets you use the script for a lifetime. The license is attached to domain name. You will have the option to change the licensed domain once per 12 monts. To change the licensed domain name - simply contact us and provide the current domain name and the new one. You have the option at any time upgrade this type of license to Open Source license by simply paying the difference between prices. This license type DOES NOT grant you rights to resell the script to third parties.


Price without Members discount Card €999

Best Value
Open Source License

The Open Source License lets you use the script for a lifetime. The Open Source License allows you to modify the full functionality of our script. Only several files that handle licensing are Encrypted. They are NOT related to the functionality. It is important to know that the Open Source License DOES NOT entitle you to resell the script to third parties. For more information please read our terms and conditions.


Price without Members discount Card €1,999

Multi Domain license

Multi Domain License allows you Full Access to the files of our script (except for the encrypted files that deal with the license), and you can install the script on as many domains you like. You can update the entire functionality of the script, except for the files that deal with the license. It is important to know that the Multi Domain License DOES NOT entitle you to resell it to third parties. For more information please read our terms and conditions.


Price without Members discount Card €2,999

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