The Pintastic mobile version!

The Pintastic mobile version!

Today it is extremely important that websites are optimized for mobile devices. Mobile browsing has increased 10 fold in less than two years, with 4% in the past month alone! The ability to access your website on the go is crucial in generating extra traffic, keeping the users engaged for a longer period and therefore – increasing sales, giving you a massive advantage over the competition. Get your mobile version today and your community will be online anytime-anywhere! The Pintastic Mobile module allows your users to reach your website from ANY device – be it on iOS, Android, Blackberry or Symbian. The mobile version is fully functional – from the smooth endless scrolling to the Facebook login, repining, likes and comments!

As the mobile version is not a native application you do not need to register it anywhere, or perform any device-specific setup. Just upload the files and your mobile website is a GO on any phone!

In the mobile version you can:

  • View pins,
  • Pin content,
  • Like a pin,
  • Repin a post,
  • Comment on a pin,
  • Follow a user or a board,
  • Follow the link to the source of the pin,
  • Manage your boards, pins, comments, or account,

In summary the mobile version is functionally the same as the desktop one, the difference being the layout. The mobile devices are automatically recognized and the new layout has been proven to work on all of the platforms currently available.

All it takes to make your Pintastic available to mobile users is update to the latest version (1.0.6) and then upload the files of the mobile module in Binary mode to your installation. No extra settings or modifications required. Make it easy – make it Pintastic!

Get an instant boost to the popularity of your Pintastic website – buy the mobile version now!

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