v3.0 Released v3.0 Released

The developing team of the famous Pinterest ™ clone script, called Pintastic, announced the release of version 3.0 of their digital pin board software. This new version of the Pinterest ™ clone is built on the features of the previous releases and adds new modules and new features. Pintastic v.3 has been completely redesigned. The new version of Pintastic features user activation, a PayPal module for instant payment and offers new opportunities for monetization. The Pinterest ™ script was not only cloned, but Pintastic offers greater functionality than the original model as well.

All the great features from Pintastic v.2 are available in version 3.0 as well. Pintastic v.3 features a complete banner ads system; unlimited users; gallery pin; pinning from websites and from your own computer; repins, likes, comments, and following; previous and next pin; unlimited regular shared boards; filters for videos, gifts, latest and popular pins; ability to change texts from the admin panel through the site; a built in CMS; complete site management.

New features have been added as well. In Pintastic v.3 the pin images and frameless pin boxes are 44 pixels, over 20 percent wider than in Pintastic v.2. That ensures all pins are perfectly visible. Page loading times have been greatly improved and they are up to ten times faster than in Pintastic v.2. More modules can be purchased in order to add more functionality. Pintastic v.3 is SEO focused and offers individual URLs, Meta tags and other data for each category. The new Share button helps users to make viral content through 300 social media websites. Version 3.0 of Pintastic comes also with improved security.

The new modular system introduced in Pintastic v.3 allows users to add more functionality and keep the application updated. Additional modules are available to install as needed: the Banner module, the Users shopping cart, the PayPal module, the Featured pins module, the Power users module, the Top users module, the Color filter and the Amazon S3 module. The Banner module allows users to place ads on the home page, search pages, pin detail, and category pages. Pintastic v.3 is totally compliant to the Google Ads rules. The Users shopping cart is an add-on, that allows subscribers to purchase featured pin statuses, subscriptions and many more. With the PayPal module, the items can be paid immediately and the buyers can instantly activate their purchases. For a small fee, the Featured pins module allows the subscribers to place their pins to the top positions for one or more days. The Power users module makes new signups to automatically follow you and displays paying subscribers pins right after the featured pins. The Top users module displays the users with the most followers, repins, and likes. The Color filter can automatically assign colors to a pin, so users can search pins by color. The Amazon S3 module is designed for site owners, who need to reduce the loading times, by using powerful CDN from Amazon and save on media hosting.

More modules will be released in January 2014. The chat application will allow instant communication between the users of Pintastic v.3. A private messaging module will allow private messaging between users. A new YouTube crawler and Pinterest ™ crawler will allow administrators to add content to their websites in a timely manner. The Amazon and eBay crawlers are designed to help you benefit more from your affiliate accounts. The 2 modules will feature Smart pins, that would allow pinning products and keeping prices up to date. Other modules that will come in January 2014 are the User Geolocation module and the Pin Geolocation module.

Pintastic v.3 works up to 10 times faster than the previous version Pintastic v.2. It has an improved design that makes it better looking, and it also features additional ways for earning money. Users can now purchase VIP status, Paid membership and featured pins via PayPal. Pintastic v.3 supports animated GIFs, subcategories, and also offers multilingual support.

The private messaging system, the smart search, the color filter for pins and the customized landing page, offer improved functionality in the new version of Pintastic. An updated version of the custom framework was used to entirely rebuild the system and everything has been dressed in a contemporary and attractive design, with a new interface. Being a Pinterest ™ clone script, Pintastic v.3 version also followed the Pinterest ™ latest layout updates. The standard integration with Twitter, and Facebook, is enhanced now with a new Share button that allows connecting to 300 social websites.

The previous versions of Pintatic offered monetization options available for purchase only off-site. In Pintastic v.3 users can now add statuses, subscriptions and other perks directly into their shopping cart on the website. The site owners can earn money fast and secure through the PayPal checkout.

The Color filter, a new feature in Pintastic v.3, allows the system to select automatically the most prevalent pin color and to store it into a database. The pins associated with a color can be searched by users. That feature is very useful for art and fashion communities.

The design of Pintastic v.3 was updated as well. The new layout is clean, streamlined and contemporary. The layout design remains intuitive and is focused on content.

The featured pins are displayed at the top of the pin listings within a board, Newest filters, or in every category. They are another simple way for site owners to earn money from the user subscriptions.

Animated GIF images are supported by the new version of Pintastic. Converted video segments or small avatars, are correctly resized and they are displayed in both, pin detail pages and large pin listings.

Pintastic v.3 is the first multi-language version. The administrators can set the default language for unregistered users and the new system can be translated, in as many languages as you need. The language can be switched by visitors from the main menu. For registered users it is possible to change the language in the profile settings.

The software developing team at Amexi, inc ( is dedicated to create web scripts that can help users to work more efficiently. The release of the new version Pintastic v.3 is a new success of the innovative software company.

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