Pintastic v2.0 is released!

Pintastic v2.0 is released!

The Pintastic team is proud to present a fantastic release - Pintastic v2.0. We've added a load of new features, worked on the most common customer complaints,  and considered the best suggestions. And because we're the best - we've added a bit of our own ideas that will give you a website that more than just a Pinterest ™ clone - it's much better!

Pintastic has been re-built from the ground up. We've kept the name, the fun and ease you can work with it, then updated the database structure, reduced the loading times, incresed the script's stability, expanded the already extensive admin panel, added a great deal of new and exciting functionality – we’ve even updated the logo. Queries are optimized, and we're using a single, streamlined CSS file. In short - we're launching an entirely new script - faster, better, more exciting and fun.

A short list of the visible changes:

  • Gallery pin – one pin with multiple images. Drag and drop images in the upload box, upload and share!
  • Unlimited number of secret boards - users can now share pins only with friends.
  • VIP pins have a fixed position at the top of each page - home, category or board view.
  • Website blacklist – the administrator can disable websites to pin from.
  • Complete Instagram integration.
  • User images from Instagram accounts can be accessed, selected and pinned individually to a board of choice.
  • Complete Twitter integration.
  • Enable/disable individual board description through the admin panel.
  • Manage gift price ranges from the admin panel.
  • Built-in modules for cloud servers and social network integration.
  • A new section in the admin panel to edit all notification templates.
  • Select how your users are listed on the website (username, first name or last name shown in pins and comments).
  • Limit the number of comments shown in index.
  • Prefix for pin preview storage can be changed.
  • Banners can be displayed in specific categories, or in all categories.
  • Admin can turn the pagination and Ajax loader on or off.
  • Admin panel protection module - set a limited number of IPs, allowed to access the admin panel.
  • A new, customizable Pinterest ™ crawler - select from which categories to take pins from, which users and boards to pin them to

Something extremely important for current Pintastic owners - once you upgrade to v2.0, you will be able to keep all website settings, pins and all user data.

Warning: automatic upgrade from any earlier version to Pintastic v2.0 will overwrite any custom modifications made! Future versions will feature a separate module that will retain any custom changes.

*A detailed tutorial on how to upgrade your Pintastic website is included in the upgrade package you will download from

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