Pintastic system and module updates
The famous Pinterest Clone script has been updated to version 4.3.1. You can download the system patch from your account. Before applying the patch please do create a backup of your account. Extract the content of the zip archive you download from your account on to a fol
30.06.2015: system and module updates
Pintastic has been updated to version 4.3.0. you can read a list of the most important changes here: Also updated were the following modules: Geolocation, Poweruser, Marketplace, Subscriptions, Blog, Virtual wallet, Stripe and Featured pin. You can download the
What is C2C marketplace and how risky is starting this business - part 2
Continuing our publication from last week regarding the opening of c2c marketplace, now you can see for what else you have to think before opening a c2c marketplace. 2. Bad support of site content     In every online store there are three main pages which give trust to your
Pintastic v.3 to v.4 Migration Tool Released
We are happy to anounce the release of our new Migration Tool for Pintastic v3 to v.4 which is already published online and ready to download. This new product allows you to transfer you data from your older version of Pintastic - v.3. to the newest one Pintastic v.4 effortlessly. If you&#
Amexi moving on to support PHP 5.6
Dear all, starting April 15th, 2015, all Amexi products will be delivered compatible for PHP version 5.6 only. Please make sure your servers are updated, and that your hosting accounts are compatible. Refer to the server requirements for your system.
Pintastic system update available for download
Some Pintastic 4 customers might be missing the Manage Translations option in the System > Localization menu. This patch adds the feature back to the system, and offers other updates as well. We highly recommend that you backup your installation before patching it. Please note that the patch
Pinterest ™ Clone Script
As we already informed the public now we are developing a new script. Well, now we are glad to bring you another good news. Actually our script is almost ready. The script that, we believe will become very popular and will be with profit of all the users. We are just on the final! Of course, ou
New version of Pintastic - 1.041
This release (version 1.041) will fix a potential security hole.  Please update IMMEDIATELY Please update your versions or download the latest full installation script at your download area. ========== We are working hard for our new version 1.05 witch will have allot of new featu
The Pintastic mobile version!
Today it is extremely important that websites are optimized for mobile devices. Mobile browsing has increased 10 fold in less than two years, with 4% in the past month alone! The ability to access your website on the go is crucial in generating extra traffic, keeping the users engaged for a longer p
Pintastic v2.0 is released!
The Pintastic team is proud to present a fantastic release - Pintastic v2.0. We've added a load of new features, worked on the most common customer complaints,  and considered the best suggestions. And because we're the best - we've added a bit of our own ideas that will give you a
Pintastic v2.1 available
Pintastic has been updated to version 2.1 after a few tweaks and some bugfixes were confirmed. 1. Separate logo for the mobile layout. 2. Welcome message to new users is sent with the admin e-mail's identity instead of root@localhost. 3. When an image has been pinned via upload the label is
Download Pintastic v2.2.1!
Pintastic has been updated to version 2.2.1 after a few tweaks and some bugfixes were confirmed. 1. Fixed Instagram log-in if you were not previously logged-in to Instagram. 2. Added a loader to the welcome page when the user is signing up. 3. Fixed activity feed when switching off pagination an
Get the Online Status Module
Now your users can discover their online buddies thanks to the Pintastic Online Status Module! Add and eanable the module on your Pintastic website as per the instructions. Your users will have the option to display or hide their online status in the Settings panel of their accounts. The online s
Pin tags module
Link your pins beyond categories and boards! The Pintastic team introduces Pin tags!   Add unlimited tags to each of your pins - they will appear under the pin description and are clickable. Click a tag and all pins with this tag will appear on the page! All newly-added tags are kept on r
The Best Hosting Sollution
Amexi Inc. is proud to present the parthenrship with one of the fastes growing hosting companies: DigitalOcean With the new $5 a month plan, DigitalOcean expects to speed up its already rapid growth. Its hosting solutions have received a stunning reception among developers and startups
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