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YouTube Crawler Module

YouTube Crawler Module

Do you want to add thousands of videos to your website quickly instead of posting them one by one? Let the YouTube Crawler automatically do that for you!

Internet is more than a virtual reality – you can discover information, shop online, and HAVE FUN watching a video. What better site to find videos than YouTube?

Selecting the right videos to post to your site will lead to more people visiting, registering and interacting with your content. Pinning videos one by one could be a tedious process, though – so why not automate it?

The solution – our YouTube crawler. Install the script and start a new batch job – type the keywords for the videos you want, and select which user and board to post them to. Click Save and the crawler will start posting videos away onto your site.


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Why do you need this module?

  1. It saves your time, by automatically adding videos from YouTube to your site.

  2. The script works on a server level, so no monitoring is needed.

  3. The content is coming directly with it’s title, and description, to ease your life.
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