XVideos crawler module for Pinterest ™ Clone Script

XVideos Crawler Module

XVideos Crawler Module

This tool automatically fills up your website with content from XVideos, so you can attract more visitors to interact with it.

Do you dream of having your own XVideos clone site?

Are you looking for an XVideos script that can help you build a successful adult site?
Then look no further, as we have the solution for you. It’s called the XVideos crawler, and will help you create XVideos website at minimal cost, without any requirements for programming or design knowledge, and at a very affordable cost. 

XVideos is probably the most popular adult website out there, mostly because it has the biggest collection of free videos. Imagine having to pin each of the videos manually to your website - this will take forever!

This is where our XVideos crawler comes in handy. The module is more than just an affordable solution - it is very easy to install (installation and configuration manual is included in your download), and only requires a few minutes for setup. From then on it’s up to you to select the categories and keywords for videos you want on your site.

The crawler will automatically add videos from XVideos over to your site, and you can set which user and category to add them to. Because you only need to enter the keywords for the automatic process to start, the XVidoes is a cost-effective solution for adding content to your website.


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Why do you need this module?

  1. It saves your time, by automatically adding videos and images from XVideos to your site.

  2. No monitoring is needed, as the script is working on a server level.

  3. The adult content is coming directly with it’s videos, images and titles, to ease your life.
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