Virtual Wallet module for Pintastic 4

Virtual Wallet Module

Virtual Wallet Module

With the Virtual Wallet module members can deposit money to the administrator's PayPal (or Stripe) account, top up their virtual balance, and pay for products. Payment goes trhough instantly - no waiting!

This is a versatile payment module that can be used in multiple applications on your Pintastic system. Its main intention is for users to create virtual balance, which can be used for paying various fees and (optionally) products INSTANTLY in your system. There is no authorization or confirmation to wait for. The system automatically adjusts balance on either side.

Other features and advantages of this module:

  • works with all payment modules provided,
  • saves transfer fees - depositing users only send money once, so they are not billed for every purchase they make,
  • book keeping - users can see every purchase and deposit they made in their Dashboard,
  • optional alternative payment method - sellers can allow payment for products with virtual balance,
  • optional product discount for using virtual wallet (sellers can allow or disallow this option for their stores),
  • money withdrawal options depending on the used payment processor,
  • administrators can manage user balance through the admin panel and keep track of individual deposits and withdrawal requests.


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Why do you need this module?

  1. Instant payments.

  2. Less transfer fees for members with virtual balance.

  3. Additional purchasing option for products, subscriptions, etc.
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