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User Rating Module

User Rating Module

Adds interface for providing feedback (1-to-5 star rating, and a text comment) by both sellers and buyers after the payment for an order is complete.

Nowadays, even the smallest sale depends on the seller’s rating and reputation. With millions of online stores out there, and as many schemes for fraud, it is important that you create the sense of confidence for your potential sellers and buyers. How can buyers be assured that the shop they are purchasing from is not run by fraudsters?

How do sellers know if the buyer that has just made an order has a history of nonpayment?
A good practice, made popular by the most successful online businesses out there, is to provide a feedback for both buyers and sellers. The records must be visible to the public, because in today’s era of social ecommerce your visitors will rely heavily on the comments left by others before making their purchasing decision. This is where our User rating module comes handy. Whether it was an auction, a tangible or a digital item was sold, after a sale closes the buyer can rate the seller, and the seller can provide feedback for the buyer. Just like the biggest online marketplaces the feedback in our module consists of a 1-to-5 star rating AND a text comment. Imagine coming across a listing of a gold ring with a diamond being sold at a very attractive price on a site with no rating system.

Would you buy the ring considering you have no information of the seller’s previous trades?
Now imagine the seller has 2 positive and 2 negative ratings.

What would your decision be?
Because only users that participated in a trade can leave feedback, quickly building up fake ratings (a popular practice on many websites) will be impossible. Using the Rating module will result in overall increased trust in both sellers and buyers, as well as in your website as a place for fair trade. This will stimulate both existing users to keep up the high standard, and potential members to sign up and participate in trades. This will result in more rating, more happy customers and more money for you. To further assist purchasing decision, the module has a built-in rating filter that will sort your search results for items by the seller’s rating.

Requires installed and configured Marketplace Module to work. Please note the rating is provided per order, not per product, regardless of sale and item type.


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Why do you need this module?

  1. Provide a feedback for both buyers and sellers.

  2. Increase the trust between sellers and buyers.

  3. Stimulate the sellers to keep high quality of performance of the presented products and deals.

  4. Add value to the performance and presentation of your site in general.

  5. Decrease the risk of concluding fraud schemes
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