Top users module for Pinterest ™ Clone Script

Top Users Module

Top Users Module

A module that displays lists of users with the most saved items, most likes and most followers within your website.

Each community has its leaders and trendsetters. By recognizing these members on your site you are providing incentive for them to continue providing new content on your site, thus attracting even more new signups.

How do you reward such people?
By installing the Top users module!

What does the module do for you?
It introduces a new link, labelled “Top users”. Clicking it will take members to a new page, where three tabs are displayed. These list the users with most likes, most repins and most followers on the site (in descending order).

How is this module good for your Pintastic Script website?

  1. existing users are provoked to continue posting quality content on your site and get top rating. This way they attract more users interacting with it, which in turn results in driving more traffic through.

  2. visitors can quickly select whom to follow and get the best updates from, which gives them incentive to sign up and return to the site more often.


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Why do you need this module?

  1. Better user interaction to increase your community.

  2. Easy way for establishing relationships between the users.

  3. It is a Tool for rewarding the users
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