Subscriptions module for Pinterest ™ Clone Script

Subscriptions Module

Subscriptions Module

Create subscription packages based on user privileges, and charge your members for accessing perks and features.

Which is the quickest way for making money off your website?
Correct - charging subscriptions for your users.

What can you charge subscriptions for?
Access rights, granted to various groups.

How can you do that?
You can create subscriptions for people who’d like to add pins to your website, to those who’d like to offer products for sale (sellers), be able to create discount coupons, etc. This subscription is based on group permissions.

How are subscriptions activated?
Automatically, after the payment processor you have configured confirms the payment. The paying user is automatically promoted and gains the additional privileges with no manual action required.

What happens after a subscription expires?
The user is “demoted” to the default group.

How many subscriptions can a user have at the same time?
One package, which can grant access to multiple group permissions (modules and functions).

Important: The Featured pins and the Power user subscriptions are configured and purchased through the respective separate modules.

Requires configured PayPal Account.


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Why do you need this module?

  1. The quickest way for monetizing your site.

  2. Easy management of the users, given access rights and groups - few manual actions required.

  3. Additional benefits for the users

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