Instant chat & Online Status system

Instant chat & Online Status system

The module adds chat feature to your Pintastic 4, letting mutually following users to exchange instant messages while being on the site. It also displays a green dot next to every user that is currently online.

Our Chat module is also so much more because:

  1. users can only chat if they follow each other to prevent spam

  2. it displays whether the users on your list are online or offline

  3. chat history holds the last 50 messages or more (depend on your needs)

  4. users can send messages while the recipient is offline, too (a notification for new messages is displayed)

  5. unlike PHP-based chat modules that constantly poll and reload the page, our module has very low hardware requirements and will not overload your CPU because it uses NodeJS and MongoDB,

  6. the module can work either on the same server as your website, or can be launched on a different server.

What more can you expect from a chat module?
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Why do you need this module?

  1. Helps for esablishing community and relationships between the users.

  2. users can only chat if they follow each other to prevent spam.

  3. Very low hardware requirements which don’t overload your CPU due to usage of NodeJS and MongoDB
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