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Home Page Slider Module

Home Page Slider Module

The Slider module displays a slider banner at the top of the site home page. Manage images, links and text through the admin panel.

Extremely easy to manage, our module permits uploading multiple images at the same time. Each of the slides can have a unique title, text and alt text for each language version of your Pintastic site. You can also add links (including affiliate ones) to URLs within or outside your website to every image.

Slides are changed every 4 seconds (configurable from javascript file).

If you want to

  1. display your promo offers,
  2. feature posts, items or stores on your site,
  3. advertise community events,
  4. show off your exclusive work,
  5. or earn money from third party ads

You can do this on your Pintastic website with the Slider Banner Module.


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Why do you need this module?

  1. Better vision of your site including slideshow of pictures which promote products, users or brands

  2. Best solution for presenting affiliate links or concrete section of your site

  3. Easy management of the content
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