Skimlinks Converter Module for Pinterest ™ Clone Script

Skimlinks Converter Module

Skimlinks Converter Module

Turns every product, pinned from the Skimlinks affiliate network, into an affiliate link to the original vendor, using your ID. This way you will earn money from the sale of each product.

You've built a thriving community using Pintastic 4, and now your users are pinning daily, producing a steady volume of pins and traffic.

Do you want to earn even more money from your visitors?
Do you want to receive commission when a product pinned to your website is purchased through the link?
Do you want all this to happen automatically?

Yes? Then our Skimlinks Converter Module is the solution for you!

The Skimlinks Converter is a module that can be used on any Pintastic v.4 based software and turns each outgoing link into a referral one. This means that for each sale made when a visitors follows a link from your site you will get a commission!

You may be thinking that your chances are slim, but this is not the case. partners with some of the biggest affiliate networks on The Web, including

  1. LinkShare
  2. eBay Partner Network
  3. Affiliate Window
  4. Commission Junction

What this means is there are BILLIONS of items you can receive commission for. All you need is an active account with, and our module configured and installed. The Skimlinks Converter will automatically add your affiliate ID to each outgoing link. This means that if a visitor on your site follows a product link and purchased it - Skimlinks will know it was your site that lead to the sale. You can follow all the sales and your earnings through your Skimlinks account dashboard.

Please note: this module will rewrite all of your website's outgoing links, including your users' affiliate links, AND YOUR OWN. For this reason do not combine it with our Affiliate Grabber Module, as it will overwrite your Popshops affiliate links.


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Why do you need this module?

  1. Automatically rewriting links with your affiliate id.

  2. Easy way for making money.

  3. Supports the biggest affiliate networks
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