Ships to Country module for Pinterest ™ Clone Script

Ships to Country Module

Ships to Country Module

The module creates an additional filter for products, displaying them by available countries for delivery.

You’ve successfully attracted hundreds of sellers from around the world to your website. They’ve posted thousands of products and now many potential buyers are visiting your website to shop for these items. They use the powerful search engine and the automatic color filter, but many of the results are simply not shipped to their country.

How do buyers discover the products that can be delivered to their doorstep?
They can simply select their homeland from the list in the Ships to Country Filter. Then all products that sllers would sent to that destination will be displayed in the search results page.  Combined with the “Ships to City” this filter will display only the products that will be shipped to the user’s currently location.

Requires an installed and activated Ships to City FilterMarketplace Module or Geolocation Modules to work.


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Why do you need this module?

  1. The users can find which shop delivers products to their country and will be satisfied.

  2. Your sellers can segment their content, based on country delivery.

  3. Your script will be more helpful and complete.
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