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Conversations System Module

Conversations System Module

The module adds a private messages system to your website. Messages using the same subject are grouped and archived into conversations.

Since you own a social network, it is only appropriate that beyond the likes, repins and comments your website is equipped with a private messaging facility. Amexi is happy to provide you with our Conversation module. Thanks to this module the users of your Pintastic 4 site can connect with each other directly and arrange for meetings, trades, etc.

Private messages can be exchanged whether the recipient is online or offline. Each message contains up to 64 000 symbols. Since this is a Conversation module – all replies to a message that was sent from a certain page will be grouped together in a single thread. If a new message is sent to the same user, but from a different page or pin – it is displayed as a separate conversation.

All conversations are stored on the server until participants delete them.


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Why do you need this module?

  1. Easy establishing relationships between the users.

  2. Better user interaction to increase your community.

  3. Better management of the conversations through independent on/offline status of the users.
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