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Price Filter Module

Price Filter Module

The module adds an interface for filtering items between the set min and max price, and only displays products within this price interval*.

With so many possibilities to shop online, users have grown very price-conscious. You can help your buyers on a budget by adding the Price filter module to your marketplace. Users can change the minimum and maximum price by moving the two sliders. In response the system will automatically display all products within the selected price range.

Narrowing the search down will help buyers discover the products they need in less time, which will increase their incentive to more often look items up on your site. As a result you will generate more sales!

Requires an installed and activated Marketplace Module or an Affiliate Grabber to work.


Price without Member Club Card

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Why do you need this module?

  1. Your users can easily find the affordable product for them and will be satisfied.

  2. The content of your sellers will be easily sorted, by price.

  3. Your script will be more flexible and complete.
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