Power user module for Pinterest ™ Clone Script

Power User Module

Power User Module

Create subscription packages for members who want to be followed by everyone. After the payment is confirmed - you will receive the fixed amount until the member cancels the subscription.

Social networks are often targeted by businesses and individuals, because they are an excellent channel to promote a product, a service or an idea in front of a broad audience. Instead of creating a complicated system for charging for user privileges and manually update permissions, the Power user module offers an automated solution.

After the user selects a package he pays for it via PayPal. As soon as the payment is confirmed – the user will be automatically upgraded to Power user status.  No manual action by the admin during or after the sale is required. 

Once your member becomes a Power user, his pins will carry a special symbol denoting his special status. He will also be automatically followed by all users, who register on your site after he paid for Power user status. As a result the pins of the Power users will appear on all new users' Home page. This perk is available to the Power users while their subscriptions last. After the Power user package expires the member will lose all automatic subscribers. This provides an incentive for them to renew their subscriptions. The Power user module is an excellent promotional tool for your community members, and a simple way for Pintastic site owners to create a steady revenue stream.

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  1. Monetizing tool for increasing the income from the site.

  2. Tool for quick gathering user popularity in your site.

  3. Easy management of the tool - no manual actions required
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