Pornhub crawler modul for Pinterest ™ Clone Script

Pornhub Crawler Module

Pornhub Crawler Module

Install the module, enter your keywords and the Pornhub Crawler searches for matches on PornHub. It will then post the videos to a category and profile that you have set - extremely useful when you want to quickly add content to your XXX site.

If your project is oriented into the adult business this module is just for you!

Would you like to add thousands of adult videos to your website?
Do you want to create a pornhub clone site with high-quality videos?
Are you looking for a way to add them automatically and save a lot of time?

Then we have a solution for you - our Pornhub crawler is available right now!

What is Pornhub? It is among the largest adult websites in the world in terms of both uploaded videos and visitors. The screening process means you will only see quality videos shared, whether it’s amateur or pro, and from any category.

With such a winning formula everybody wants to create pornhub website and this module is the solution for you!

How does the Pornhub crawler help you get these videos without spending days in front of the PC?
After installing the module (according to the instructions you will receive) you simply need to paste the URl of the category in the respective box, select where to publish it on your website, and click the Save button. The system will start automatically adding a new pin every minute, turning Pintastic into a pornhub script!


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Why do you need this module?

  1. It saves your time, by automatically adding videos and images from Pornhub to your site.

  2. No monitoring is needed, as the script is working on a server level.

  3. The adult content is coming directly with it’s videos, images and titles, to ease your life.
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