Popshops Crawler Affiliate Grabber module for Pinterest ™ Clone Script

Popshops Crawler - Affiliate Grabber

Popshops Crawler - Affiliate Grabber

This module automatically searches for, retrieves and publishes products from the PopShops network to YOUR affiliate marketplace. If an item is sold by multiple vendors - your system will display a price comparison table, which is updated at regular intervals. Each product is shown with its original images, title, description and options. The BUY links to the original vendors all contain your affiliate ID so you can earn commission from each sale.

Do you want to start your own droppshipping business online? 
Do you want to have a marketplace with Price Comparing from the biggest online retailers?
Do you want to have 100 000 000 + items in your web site?

If your answers are YES, then you need this module!

*See A WORKING DEMO of the Affiliate Grabber

Username: [email protected]

Password: demo

The Affiliate Grabber is a unique tool that handles all the boring stuff: adding products, regularly updating prices from vendors, automatically setting your affiliate ID on all outgoing Buy links, etc. Our awesome module provides access to a catalog with 100 million items, from which you can select only those that you need. Here is a short links of the partnering affiliate platforms:

  1. AvantLink
  2. Impact Radius
  3. Performance Horizon
  4. Commission Junction
  5. LinkShare
  6. ShareASale
  7. LinkConnector
  8. eBay Enterprise
  9. webgains
  10. AffiliateWindow
  11. TradeDoubler
  12. Amazon.com Books
  13. Betty Mills

How it Works:

The Affiliate Grabber Module comes with an illustrated instruction manual to make it even easier to install. You only need to paste your Popshops.com account and catalog IDs in the grabber Settings page to configure the module. Then you enter the search keywords for the items you want to add, and the Grabber will pin them automatically, setting the following product properties: Image, Description, Price (or Price comparing option - if there is more then 1 supplier), Your own affiliate link, Update prices and availablility daily.

Feel free to add multiple tasks for various key words – this way the Affiliate Grabber will add thousands of products in just a few days. Because all products are automatically posted and displayed, and prices are updated automatically – no manual pinning and no price tagging is required on your part. This way you can spend more time working on your business, making the investment in the module even more worthwhile.

What are you waiting for?
Upgrade your Pintastic 4 website into the ULTIMATE SOCIAL AFFILIATE PLATFORM!

The Affiliate Grabber Module is not compatible with our Skimlinks module.


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Why do you need this module?

  1. It saves your time, by automatically adding products from Rakuten Popshops to your site.

  2. No monitoring is needed, as the script is working on a server level .

  3. The content is coming directly with it’s image, title, and description, to ease your life.

  4. Every product link is having your affiliate ID, so you do not have to moderate it.
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