Mobile APP for Pintastic v 3.5

Mobile APP for Pintastic v 3.5

Mobile APP for Pintastic v 3.5

In this modern world of global communications, a website that doesn’t offer a mobile version can lose as many as 60% of its visitors! So don’t get left behind. Amexi offers you the best solution for keeping your phone and tablet users interacting with your site – our streamlined, stylish new Pintastic Mobile App. It’s the fastest, easiest way to interact with any Pintastic site through your mobile device. All features of the desktop version are available in our mobile app, in addition to some fantastic extra functionality! Beyond creating accounts, logging in, liking, re-pinning and commenting, Pintastic App users can also take a picture with their mobile device and upload it directly as a pin to their account. Existing image files can also be uploaded directly from the device’s memory, into a Pintastic pinboard. Pins from all categories, users and boards on the site can be viewed in an infinite scroll, just like on the desktop version! Your users can look forward to fast loading times and easy interaction, thanks to the streamlined design and optimized queries that went into the app’s coding. Give your users access to their profiles on the go – get the Mobile App for Pintastic v3 today!

Pintastic 3 modules will work with any license of the basic system. This means you can use a Regular license module on an Open Source licensed Pintastic 3, and vice-
versa. As with all our products, licensing files are encrypted on all versions. 

***Please note that our mobile app requires Pintastic v3.5 or higher, as well as our Restful API Module, in order to work on your device. 

Enjoy Even Greater Functionality with Pintastic! The fun doesn’t stop there, though. As with all of our products, our Mobile App for Pintastic 3 comes with as many options for customization as you care to imagine! Our team of skilled developers are always happy to take on additional tweaks and modifications, in order to help you create a unique and powerful tool for your online business. Need a few extra features? Just let us know. We’ll be glad to hear from you, and we look forward to helping you realize your online business potential!


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Why do you need this module?

With enhanced usability across mobile and tablet devices, here’s what our new mobile app will do for your Pinterest ™ clone script:

  1. Take your website with you in your pocket, and reach your users on the go!
  2. Share life, as it happens – our mobile app makes Pintastic more meaningful than ever.
  3. Put your Pintastic based script in your pocket - use it in any kind of smart mobile device.
  4. fully integrated with the desktop version.
  5. Works superfast.
  6. Fast loading and easy interaction thanks to the streamlined design and optimized queries.
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