Geolocation module for Pinterest ™ Clone Script

Geolocation and Maps

Geolocation and Maps

This module is actually an entire system that allow users to set locations for each of their pins and products, and displays all of them on Google maps. Members can also filter nearest pins and nearest products to their current location.

With your Pintastic 4 website being on the global network you will be having users from all over the world. What they will be seeing is pins from literally everywhere? What if they want to only see items that are local to them, like events to join and places to go? What if purchasing decisions for many of your users depend on how close the vendor is, or the shipping costs?

What do you do to satisfy the users’ need?
The answer is simple – purchase and install our Geolocation module. It will display pins and products that have their location set closest to the user. The user’s whereabouts can be determined in one of two ways:

  1. the user shares his location through the browser,

  2. the system automatically resolves the location based on the visitor’s IP address

Such pins and products are also displayed on a Google map, so visitors can get visual clues, and even driving directions for additional info.


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Why do you need this module?

  1. User facilitation for purchasing due to possibility for choosing of local currency, near pins and locations.

  2. No need for additional installations - the user shares his location through the browser and the system automatically resolves the location based on the IP address.
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