Multi-language support for Pinterest ™ Clone Script

Multi-language Мodule

Multi-language Мodule

With the Multi-language module administrators can translate their websites into multiple langauges. Visitors can switch between language interfaces using a link in the site footer.

When you purchase Pintastic 4 and download it, it will be available in English. If you want to use it on a different language or simply want to update the texts - you can do so in the admin panel.

To truly go global you need the Multi-language Мodule. It offers you the ability to add and manage as many languages as you need, so members can enjoy your website on the one they prefer. All the languages you add to the system are managed in the admin panel:

  • in case you have multiple languages you can set one of them to be the default one,
  • all languages can be “translated” just like the default one.

Any changes made are instantly active after you press the Save button. User can select which language they view the site if from the language bar in the footer of your Pintastic website.


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Why do you need this module?

  • improve usability and comfort for your members,
  • reach wider audiences, including more potential buyers,
  • simple to install and manage.
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