Multi-currency Module

Multi-currency Module

Multi-currency Module

Thanks to the Multi-currency module your marketplace can support unlimited number of currencies. Prices for the subscription packages and the vendors' products are automatically converted to the selected currency.*

The most popular currencies in the world are already included in the script you will download. Each visitor can set an individual currency setting for his view - prices will be automatically converted for him. You will be able to add as many additional currencies** to your Pintastic based marketplace as you need, and the conversion rates can be set manually or automatically.

* Currency conversion is depends on the current exchange rates; these are monitored and updated automatically provided you have enabled the automatic update in the system settings.

**Please note currencies are displayed for price comparison purposes only. The currencies usable for actual payment will depend on the payment processor you are using (default is PayPal).


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Why do you need this module?

  1. add value to your website and increase the usability
  2. Facilitate your users providing tool for quicker conversion between different currencies
  3. increase the auditory of potential buyers
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