Location module with Google Maps for Pinterest ™ Clone v 3.5

Location module for Pinterest ™ Clone v 3.5

Location module for Pinterest ™ Clone v 3.5
Do you want to start a brand new business with travel deals?
Do you want to have unique functionality?
Do you want to drive huge traffic from users interested in travelling?
If your answer is YES, then don`t miss this system!

The Location module is fully integrated with Foresqare Api + Google Maps Api + Openlayers.org to make pinning places easy, like never before! With this tool you can give your users functionality to point their favorite places and tell the world that they want to go there or have been there! People can share places and combine them into a smart location boards. All location boards have a map with all pins populated on it. Sometimes when you are adding an image, post a link or an article, you want to show people where it is, or that you've been there.

Now you can do that with our PinMaps!
Create a board with a map, then add a pin with a place on it! You can also select one of the two tags - "I was there" and "I want there". All the pins in a board that have a location added will appear on the map in the board header, marked with a custom symbol.
The best thing is that you will save money because Google Maps api is used only as a layer!


Username: [email protected]

Password: demo


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Why do you need this module?

  1. Integration with most popular search and discovery services as Foresqare, Google Maps, Openlayers.
  2. Map and add public places, restaurants, bars, monuments. 
  3. Ability for your users to upload Pins and add locations instantly on the upload page.
  4. "I want there" and "I was there" function for your users to map places.
  5. Option to enable and disable the module for categories, boards and pins.
  6. Easy installation of the module with 3 simple steps.


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