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Local Pickup Module

Local Pickup Module

If your sellers have physical stores they can offer additional convenience to their customers. The Local pickup module offers the end users the option to order online and collect their orders directly in the shop.

This is especially useful to people that live nearby the actual store, and will correspond perfectly with the “Shop local” function of your marketplace.

Providing this option to the end users will also reduce the overall cost of the order and the transaction costs for both seller and buyer, as no shipping is calculated.

After the module is installed, store owners will be able to add this delivery method from their dashboard (the feature is optional for each individual shop). When it is turned on by the store owner ALL of his tangible goods will be available with the Local pickup option.

The buyers will see this option as a checkbox - once selected it will remove the shipping cost from the order total.


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Why do you need this module?

  • Provides convenience to sellers by saving them time for shipping and handling.
  • Reduces order total for local buyers (no shipping charges are calculated).
  • Lowers transaction fees for seller and buyer.
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