Digital marketplace script is module for Pinterest ™ Clone Script

Digital Marketplace script

Digital Marketplace script

Converts your social marketplace into a massive online file market: sell any file to anyone around the world while protecting your content.

Usually online marketplaces sellers can either offer tangible products or files. That is why we create digital marketplace script. Following this most off-the-shelf solutions are also bound by this limitation.

Ever wanted to expand your business and be among the early birds to have all the options available on your website?

Wait no more, as the Amexi’s marketplace with digital goods module is here. Thanks to this revolutionary add-on your vendors can now sell both tangible products and files all in the same marketplace - YOURS!

Can users still publish tangible products?
Yes, the only difference is the second option - “Digital product” - which user willing to sell a file need to select.

How does the new module change adding a new product?
The product publishing interface is virtually the same. When sellers select the “Digital product” option the system simply hides the shipping options, and prompts the seller to upload a file instead.

What files can you sell using our module?

Actually anything. Users can upload ZIP archives containing:

  1. images (photographic pictures, digital art, etc.)

  2. PDF files (a pattern for baby dress, document templates, books, etc.)

  3. website templates (e.g. their own WordPress template)

  4. Sell video files or tutorials in your video marketplace website

  5. Create an android marketplace script or even ios marketplace script

  6. create an audio marketplace script

  7. many more

The only limits your sellers need to consider are their imagination, and... the maximum upload allowed on your hosting account :-)

Will other product-related modules work with the Digital marketplace script?
Yes, all other properties of an item (the product gallery, Product video preview, Auction, Color filter and many more) will continue to perform.

How do I know files will not be downloaded by everyone?
The downloadable files use temporary addresses, so they are only accessible to those that have actually purchased them – this ensures no profit is lost for both the administrator and the vendor.

Transform your social trading platform from a regular online marketplace into a file mall, order the Digital marketplace script module!

Requires installed and configured Marketplace Module to work. Please note Cash on delivery and Local pickup payments are not supported.


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Why do you need this module?

  1. Expand your business and have all the selling options available on your website.

  2. Transform your social trading platform from a regular marketplace into a Digital marketplace script.

  3. Increase the sales due to easier way for concluding deals
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