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Color Filter Module

Color Filter Module

The module adds a palette that displays the most common item colors within your website. When a user picks a color from the palette and clicks Search the system will display a page with all items with the same (or similar) dominant color in their images.

Imagine a global community of people adding content to your Pintastic 4 site day and night - this is a vast collection of images to sort through. Pintastic 4 has a built-in color matching system that automatically recognizes the main color in an image when you are adding a pin, matches it to a list of colors and stores it.

You may wonder why does anyone need to store the predominant color of an image?
Imagine a user is searching for a blue sweater inside your vast marketplace script.

How can he find the product if he can’t remember the description, and the regular search does not yield any results that are relevant to him?
Simple! He can open the color filter swatch and select the color that is closest to what he is looking for. All pins whose main color is close to the user’s choice will be listed in chronological order (latest first). The style-conscious among your users will hunt for specific colors when purchasing new products – whether it is clothes, accessories, furniture or even cars. Help them find the products they are looking for quicker so they have a higher incentive to interact with content or purchase products on your site.


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Why do you need this module?

  1. The users can specify the color they need faster and will be satisfied.

  2. The content of your sellers will be segmented by color, for easy access.

  3. Your script will be more friendly and complete.
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