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Categories By Interests

Categories By Interests

Connects items within a category using keywords in the item title and description. Users can now follow items within the specific interest instead of the whole category: convenient for managing brands, product usage, etc.

Even with the best-structured categories on their sites posts in most social networks are displayed in a chaotic fashion. Users can rarely locate what actually interests them, and are quick to leave such websites.

Would you like your visitors to stay longer and return more often? Do you want to display results by brand, usage or other characteristics within a niche – even if the pins are in different subcategories?

Help visitors and members discover what they are looking for by introducing the Interests module to your Pintastic 4 website. Registered users will also be able to follow an interest and get the latest updates on their homepage.

Thanks to the Interests module the administrator can create a new structure (interest) within a selected category. He can pre-define a tag that will automatically join all public pins inside the category under the interest created.

For example if your site has a category named “Cars and motorcycles”, it will contain a very wide selection of vehicles. You can create an interest called “Audi” and set the “audi” tag as a link among all pins inside the category. When a user opens the “Cars and motorcycles” category he will also see the “Audi” button below the title: clicking the link will display all pins that have the “audi” tag.

To make the module even more useful the administrator can define related interests from the same category, which will display even more relevant items. E.g. the admin can set the interests Volkswagen, Seat and Skoda as related to the Audi one. When you open the main interest (“Audi”) you will see the pins for it, and just the links for the related interests (Volkswagen, Seat and Skoda).

There is no limit on the number of interests you can set per category, and no limit on the number of related interests that you can attach to them.

Now that interests are created users can start following them, so they can get the relevant updates within a category on their home page without the need to follow separate boards or users.

Requires installed and enabled Tags module.


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Why do you need this module?

  1. Users can locate what actually interests them.

  2. The administrator displays results by brand, usage or other characteristics within a niche  even if the pins are in different subcategories.

  3. No need for the users to follow separate boards in order to see interesting content.
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