Cash on delivery payment module for Pinterest ™ Clone Script

Cash On Delivery Module

Cash On Delivery Module

Enables Cash on delivery payments for orders of tangible goods. Please note no commission is calculated when this module is enabled.

OK, you have your website all set up, there are many sellers and buyers signing up, uploading and ordering products. Yet you feel that the potential of volume of trade can be much higher, but you cannot figure out WHY?

There are various reasons due to which completing a payment online is not an option for the buyers. One of the more popular solutions to this problem is sending the goods to the buyer via courier, who receives the dues on behalf of the seller.

You can add our Cash on delivery module to provide one more option to your sellers and buyers. Sellers need to enable the option for their stores by marking a checkbox, and buyer will be able to select the CoD option as available.

The only difference between the order types is that a CoD order does not include an online transaction. This means that the seller will have to perform all order status updates manually. All other system functions remain the same.


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Why do you need this module?

  1. To increase the ways of payment and based on this the sales in general.

  2. No need for online transactions.

  3. Perfect in case when Paypal is not available in any countries
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