Blog Module for Etsy Clone Script

Blog Module

Blog Module

This module creates a community blog section with unlimited categories and articles, managed by the site administrator and designated users. Comments are available to site members with associated Facebook accounts.

Whatever your passion or business - a blog is one more method of communicating with a broad audience. Instead of having a separate website or install one more script - you can add the Blog module to your Pintastic installation, and publish and manage articles directly from within the site. No separate login to use, and both community members and visitors are able to read your features without leaving the site.

More reasons to add a blog to your website:

  1. The blog is a direct communication channel that connects you (the owner) with the site members and visitors.
  2. You can use it to convey important messages to everyone, including change of rules, adding new functions (through a module or modification), etc.
  3. Directs additional visitors to your content - be it images, quotes, or products. In the latter case you can add “buy now” buttons in your posts.
  4. Build authority on the subjects you are expert in - share your findings, point of view, etc. with the world - and gain recognition.
  5. Ask members to provide feedback through the comments (connected Facebook is required for members willing to post)*.
  6. Assist your website’s SEO - creating content that is relevant to a particular topic will help you improve your standing in the search results.
  7. Earn an extra buck - allow other users to post articles to the site blog for a fee**.

In all, adding the blog will have a small visual impact on your users, but can do a lot for your website. Posts are displayed in descending order, with the latest one at the top of the list. There are categories that the administrator can manage.

*Requires the site to have an active Facebook module and a configured Facebook app plus users authorizing it.

**Subscriptions module required.


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Why do you need this module?

  • Additional communication channel between the administrator and members.
  • Additional promotional channel for both products (direct links to items) AND the site via comments (Facebook connect).
  • Adding relevant content to boost your SEO.
  • Charge subscriptions for users to publish articles on the blog.
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