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Auction Website Builder Module

Auction Website Builder Module

Do you want to turn your marketplace into an eBay-like platform? Enable this module on your website to add the option to create auction with starting price, duration and automatic bid steps for each product created.

Auctions are a good option for private sellers to make money of their items. However, only few sites offers such an option, because the flow of the auction sale is difficult and costly to develop. 

Do you want to transform your Pintastic site into an auction platform?
Would you like to start auction website without having to pay the complete development cost?

Are you ready to go to the next level in online trade?  
Now you can - with Amexi`s auction website software.

The module is a php auction script, easy and cost-effective, meant for adding auction capability to your website by simply uploading the files required and enabling the auction website builder. 

What capability does this php auction script​ provide?
An option for each product uploaded to be sold via an auction. 

By just switching a toggle to change the type from a regular sale to an auction. 

What can be sold through an auction?
Each separate auction can be for tangible or a Digital product* (requires an installed Digital marketplace script module). 

Can the seller set the auction duration and minimal price?
Yes, the vendor can set this parameters when configuring each separate item’s auction. 

Are there minimal bidding steps?
Yes, there are pre-defined values hardcoded in the system. 

How it works?

When you have installed the auction module, it will allows to the users to publish items for auction sales. All they need to do is to click on the auction row and to set duration, price and in case of need to fill some additional information regarding the item.

About the bids, we have created a table which show the bid sizes and the dependdency from the product price range:


Item price Levels Min. Bid for Item
between 0.01 and 0.99 0.05
between 1.00 and 4.99 0.25
between 5.00 and 24.99 0.50
between 25.00 and 99.99 1.00
between 100.00 and 249.99 2.50
between 250.00 and 499.99 5.00
between 500.00 and 999.99 10.00
between 1000.00 and 2499.99 25.00
between 2500.00 and 4999.99 50.00
over 5000.00 100.00

Is there an automatic bids facility?
Yes, this is built-in. The system will automatically do it with the minimum step required, until your maximum bid (we have this as well) is reached. Just like on the biggest platforms out there, bids are considered based on when they were submitted, so if two same-amount bids were sent - the first one is the winner. In short sellers can create as many auctions as they like (or their subscription allows), with various durations and minimal prices, for selling tangible and digital products. There is also an automatic e-mail reminder for sellers 1 hour before their auction ends.

This auction website builder requires Marketplace script module in order to work


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Why do you need this module?

  1. Claim to the level of e-bay with the new option for concluding deals.

  2. Expand your business and have all the selling options available on your website.

  3. Attract more users and increase the popularity with the new functionalities
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