Amazon S3 module for Pinterest ™ Clone Script

Amazon S3 Module

Amazon S3 Module

This modules connects your system to the Amazon S3 CDN to store and display images for items and profiles, reduce loading time and storage costs.

As your community grows and your website becomes more popular – so will the needs for storage space. On a regular hosting service the costs of additional space and traffic become prohibitive. 

Amazon’s S3 CDN service is proving a popular solution for this problem. You will only pay what you use, and your site will load even faster. Media stored on your server will remain visible, even after you switch over to a remote CDN storage

Our S3 module is what makes the connection between your Pintastic website and the S3 servers. It comes with an easy to follow manual so you can setup the connection yourself*. After that it’s just a switch to Amazon as your media storage. The only difference you and your users will feel is the images on your site will start loading faster.

*The Amexi tech team can setup the connection for you – just order the “Amazon S3 setup and installation” option when purchasing the module.



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Why do you need this module?

  1. Decreases the cost of additional disk space needed for pin media - only pay for what you use.

  2. Reduces site loading times.

  3. Decreases server load
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