Choose from remarkable number of modules for your business idea!

Selling Online Modules

We are proud to present our selection of selling modules.

Find what you need, and combine with other modules to transform your website into a money making machine.

Use the selling options to create a unique environment and gain a competitive advantage over the others in the market.

Transform your social network to social marketplace, add options for discount coupons, auction type trade and for selling digital products.

Increase usability with product video previews, and pump up buyer confidence with the User rating module.

If you need additional modules - please contact us for a quote.

  • New Marketplace Script Module

    Marketplace Script Module

    How can you earn money from your social marketplace script? The Marketplace script builder module..


    3.4 - ‎9 votes
  • New Digital Marketplace script

    Digital Marketplace script

    Converts your social marketplace into a massive online file market: sell any file to anyone around t..

    €89 Old Price: €299

    3 - ‎4 votes
  • New Auction Website Builder Module

    Auction Website Builder Module

    Auctions are a good option for private sellers to make money of their items. However, only few sites..


    3.4 - ‎5 votes
  • New Local Pickup Module

    Local Pickup Module

    If your sellers have physical stores they can offer additional convenience to their customers. The L..


    5 - ‎1 votes
  • New User Rating Module

    User Rating Module

    Nowadays, even the smallest sale depends on the seller’s rating and reputation. With millions ..


    3 - ‎4 votes
  • Product Video Preview Module

    Product Video Preview Module

    Buyers rarely feel confident enough to purchase a product online, because images can be misleading a..

    €59 Old Price: €79

    3 - ‎4 votes
  • Coupon Management Module

    Coupon Management Module

    An entire subsystem for users merchants to create and manage promotional codes. Requires the Marketp..

    €119 Old Price: €199

    3.4 - ‎5 votes

Monetizing Modules

Now that you have invested in a website it is time to earn the money back.


The modules in this section are all monetizing tools - means for establishing a stable income.

Select a channel for monetization from our wide range - from displaying banner ads through affiliate sales, to online marketplace and charging for subscriptions.


Pick, mix and match whatever suits your business, and make the best of your investment.

  • Power User Module

    Power User Module

    Social networks are often targeted by businesses and individuals, because they are an excellent chan..

    €99 Old Price: €229

    3 - ‎4 votes
  • Banner Display Manager

    Banner Display Manager

    Thanks to this module you can set up and display image and HTML banners in various categories, searc..

    €129 Old Price: €199

    3.4 - ‎5 votes
  • Featured Pins Module

    Featured Pins Module

    Earn money from those members who want to promote their posts to the top of your home page - just ad..

    €119 Old Price: €249

    3.4 - ‎5 votes
  • Skimlinks Converter Module

    Skimlinks Converter Module

    You've built a thriving community using Pintastic 4, and now your users are pinning daily, produ..

    €99 Old Price: €299

    3.4 - ‎5 votes
  • New Subscriptions Module

    Subscriptions Module

    Which is the quickest way for making money off your website? Correct - charging subscriptions for y..

    €129 Old Price: €359

    3.7 - ‎3 votes
  • Shopping Cart Module

    Shopping Cart Module

    If you are looking for an additional source of income for your website, you can offer two kinds of p..


    0 - ‎0 votes

Payment Modules

Pintastic 4 has a built-in PayPal module, which can be used for purchase of both subscriptions and products on your website.


Whether you need more options, or PayPal is not suitable for your environment, we offer a choice of additional modules to match your needs.


The presented solutions are based on user requests and feedback, and on our own research of the usability of various providers.


Feel free to mix and match them to your business model. In case you need more payment options please contact us for a quote.

  • New Stripe Payment Module

    Stripe Payment Module

    The latest versions of our product range all offer built-in PayPal payment processing module. To exp..


    4 - ‎2 votes
  • Bank Wire Transfer Module

    Bank Wire Transfer Module

    Enables offline payments for orders via bank transfer. When a user is completing his order - he will..

    €99 Old Price: €129

    4.3 - ‎3 votes
  • New Cash On Delivery Module

    Cash On Delivery Module

    Enables Cash on delivery payments for orders of tangible goods. Please note no commission is calcula..


    4.7 - ‎3 votes
  • Virtual Wallet Module

    Virtual Wallet Module

    This is a versatile payment module that can be used in multiple applications on your Pintastic syste..


    5 - ‎2 votes
  • PayPal module for Pintastic v.3

    PayPal module for Pintastic v.3

    A quick and easy way for Pintastic site owners to earn money from their website, PayPal is also a se..


    0 - ‎0 votes

General Purpose Modules

This section contains a number of modules that will add unique look and functions to your site.


Order our modules and add a home page slider banner, instant chat, location and map for each pin or product, and many more to your site.


These modules will help you transform your social network website or marketplace, and attract younger audiences with improved design features, more gizmos and tools to find the right content and product.  

  • New Blog Module

    Blog Module

    This module creates a community blog section with unlimited categories and articles, managed by the ..


    3 - ‎2 votes
  • New Google Analytics Pro Connect

    Google Analytics Pro Connect

    Getsy now features integration with Google Analytics Pro through this module. Add your Analytics Pro..

    €39 Old Price: €49

    5 - ‎1 votes
  • New Multi-currency Module

    Multi-currency Module

    Thanks to the Multi-currency module administrators can configure multiple currencies on the cite. It..

    €79 Old Price: €99

    4.5 - ‎2 votes
  • New Top Sellers Module

    Top Sellers Module

    We have discussed how important it is to earn the trust of potential buyers to increase their purcha..


    5 - ‎2 votes
  • Amazon S3 Module

    Amazon S3 Module

    This modules connects your system to the Amazon S3 CDN to store and display images for items and pro..

    €109 Old Price: €199

    5 - ‎1 votes
  • New Categories By Interests

    Categories By Interests

    Connects items within a category using keywords in the item title and description. Users can now fol..


    5 - ‎2 votes
  • Conversations System Module

    Conversations System Module

    The module adds a private messages system to your website. Messages using the same subject are group..

    €119 Old Price: €199

    5 - ‎3 votes
  • New Geolocation and Maps

    Geolocation and Maps

    This module is actually an entire system that allow users to set locations for each of their pins an..

    €259 Old Price: €799

    4.7 - ‎3 votes
  • New Home Page Slider Module

    Home Page Slider Module

    Extremely easy to manage, our module permits uploading multiple images at the same time. Each of the..


    5 - ‎2 votes
  • New Image Watermark Module

    Image Watermark Module

    If your website is used to showcase and/or sell photos or unique items, like handmade jewelry, paint..


    5 - ‎1 votes
  • New Instant chat & Online Status system

    Instant chat & Online Status system

    Our Chat module is also so much more because: users can only chat if they follow each other..

    €119 Old Price: €199

    4.7 - ‎3 votes
  • IP Whitelist Interface Module

    IP Whitelist Interface Module

    Computer technology is getting more prevalent and accessible by the day, and there are many users th..

    €39 Old Price: €89

    5 - ‎2 votes
  • Mobile APP for Pintastic v 3.5

    Mobile APP for Pintastic v 3.5

    In this modern world of global communications, a website that doesn’t offer a mobile vers..

    €359 Old Price: €719

    0 - ‎0 votes
  • New Multi-language Мodule

    Multi-language Мodule

    With the Multi-language module administrators can translate their websites into multiple langauges. ..


    5 - ‎1 votes
  • Native iOS app for Pintastic v 3.5

    Native iOS app for Pintastic v 3.5

    Pintastic v.3 site owners have a huge advantage - the native iOS app for Pintastic v.3 is available ..

    €499 Old Price: €990

    0 - ‎0 votes
  • Restful API Module

    Restful API Module

    We’ve proven that our Pintastic 3 is among the best scripts on the market. To extend its capab..

    €229 Old Price: €399

    5 - ‎1 votes
  • New Tags Мodule

    Tags Мodule

    Tags are an important and increasingly popular method of linking content across a website. The metho..


    5 - ‎2 votes
  • Top Users Module

    Top Users Module

    Each community has its leaders and trendsetters. By recognizing these members on your site you are p..

    €59 Old Price: €109

    5 - ‎2 votes
  • Location module for Pinterest Clone v 3.5

    Location module for Pinterest Clone v 3.5

    Do you want to start a brand new business with travel deals?   Do you want to have unique f..

    €399 Old Price: €799

    5 - ‎1 votes
  • Widget builder module

    Widget builder module

    The widget builder is a tool that generates embed code for a one-click pin button - such a tool is u..


    1 - ‎1 votes
  • New Home Page Configurator

    Home Page Configurator

    As a marketplace owner it is in your best interest to keep members current of the latest development..


    5 - ‎1 votes
  • New Mailchimp Newsletter Signup

    Mailchimp Newsletter Signup

    Mailing lists are an excellent opportunity to communicate with your subscribers, whether you are bui..


    5 - ‎1 votes
  • Online Status Module for Pintastic v.3.5

    Online Status Module for Pintastic v.3.5

    These days, it is very important for the site visitors to know when their friends are available or n..

    €79 Old Price: €99

    0 - ‎0 votes

Filters Modules

The filters are the engine of every modern shopping system. They save time to the visitor by helping him to find exactly what he needs faster.


Having filters in your online marketplace is a key usability requirement.


Using filters will allow your users to select, search and find what they are looking for faster, with less effort and more relevance.


Helping your visitors discover the products and services suitable for them will instantly boost your sales.

  • New Category Filter Module

    Category Filter Module

    The module adds a category filter to your home page, every profile and store within your website. ..


    5 - ‎2 votes
  • Color Filter Module

    Color Filter Module

    The module adds a palette that displays the most common item colors within your website. When a user..

    €79 Old Price: €129

    5 - ‎2 votes
  • New Price Filter Module

    Price Filter Module

    With so many possibilities to shop online, users have grown very price-conscious. You can help your ..


    4.7 - ‎3 votes
  • New Ships To City Module

    Ships To City Module

    Thanks to this module products on any page within your marketplace can be filtered by states and cit..


    5 - ‎2 votes
  • New Ships to Country Module

    Ships to Country Module

    The module creates an additional filter for products, displaying them by available countries for del..


    5 - ‎1 votes
  • New Sort by Module

    Sort by Module

    Products in online stores are often displayed in chronological order – meaning latest items ar..


    4.5 - ‎2 votes

Crawlers Modules

Our family of crawler scripts can populate your Pintastic website with content from various popular sources quickly, efficiently and with virtually no supervision.


The crawlers are fully automated, and after you input the keywords for content you want to pin, and set the destination user, category or board, to pin to - the scripts will start working.


They will add pins day and night, saving you precious time and effort.

Our crawlers are the perfect choice to kickstart a brand new site - filling it with themed content that will attract users willing to interact with it. Save yourself the effort and purchase our crawlers to effortlessly add thousands of pins and products to your website.


  • Pinterest Crawler Module

    Pinterest Crawler Module

    The Pinterest Crawler automatically searches, indexes, downloads and published content from Pinteres..

    €119 Old Price: €399

    5 - ‎2 votes
  • Popshops Crawler - Affiliate Grabber

    Popshops Crawler - Affiliate Grabber

    This module automatically searches for, retrieves and publishes products from the PopShops network t..

    €199 Old Price: €799

    4.5 - ‎2 votes
  • Pornhub Crawler Module

    Pornhub Crawler Module

    If your project is oriented into the adult business this module is just for you! Would you l..

    €199 Old Price: €399

    5 - ‎2 votes
  • Xhamster Crawler Module

    Xhamster Crawler Module

    You have a website with adult content and your members are looking for more amateur videos? You wan..

    €199 Old Price: €399

    5 - ‎2 votes
  • XVideos Crawler Module

    XVideos Crawler Module

    Do you dream of having your own XVideos clone site? Are you looking for an XVideos script that ca..

    €199 Old Price: €399

    5 - ‎2 votes
  • YouTube Crawler Module

    YouTube Crawler Module

    Internet is more than a virtual reality – you can discover information, shop online, and HAVE ..

    €199 Old Price: €399

    5 - ‎2 votes
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