The Best Hosting Sollution

The Best Hosting Sollution

Amexi Inc. is proud to present the parthenrship with one of the fastes growing hosting companies: DigitalOcean

With the new $5 a month plan, DigitalOcean expects to speed up its already rapid growth. Its hosting solutions have received a stunning reception among developers and startups. Over 7,000 virtual private servers have been launched just within the past few months and they are launching more than 400 servers per day at the time of this press release. Amexi recomend to get $10 package with more ram and more power.

DigitalOcean’s popularity has been driven, in a large part, by its dedication to creating the world’s simplest cloud server platform. Featuring an easy-to-use control panel and ultra-fast cloud server deployment, the site makes cloud computing available to users of all levels. This is not an accident. The staff at DigitalOcean comes from over 10 years of experience within the web hosting industry and worked to make the DigitalOcean site seamless and easy to use.

DigitalOcean makes launching and managing a virtual private server simple. Spinning up a virtual private server, which DigitalOcean affectionately calls a droplet, takes less than a minute. This is the shortest spin up time in the cloud hosting space, beating the much longer cloud server launch times of other cloud hosting providers including Rackspace or Amazon EC2.

So get your Pintastic, Getsy, CloneForest or Pinpress scripts install on DigitalOcean

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