Download Pintastic v2.2.1!

Download Pintastic v2.2.1!

Pintastic has been updated to version 2.2.1 after a few tweaks and some bugfixes were confirmed.

1. Fixed Instagram log-in if you were not previously logged-in to Instagram. 2. Added a loader to the welcome page when the user is signing up.
3. Fixed activity feed when switching off pagination and pop-ups through the admin.
4. Fixed duplicate followers showing in user public profile page.
5. Fixed board cover image problem.
6. Fixed "URLs using system words" problem.
7. Fixed "SEO URLs using non-ANSI encoded characters" problem.

Existing customers may re-download the patches available in their Downloads > Updates and patches section.

Upgrades from 1.0.61 to 2.2.1 are done as described in the help document.

All new customers will directly receive a v2.2.1 installing package.

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