Build a Multi Vendor Marketplace script

Marketplace Script Module

Marketplace Script Module

Turn your social networrk into a profitable makretplace with the Marketplace Script Module. Unlimited sellers, buyers, products and customizable subscription plans so you can attract more vendors and increase your income!

How can you earn money from your social marketplace script?

The Marketplace script builder module includes the powerful Subscriptions plan editor. Use it to create various seller subscriptions. All members that want to be merchants on your site have to purchase subscription packages in order to list and sell items.

You can create unlimited number of seller plans, and unlimited combinations of settings. These include:

  • optional free plan - with or without administrator-defined commission,
  • subscription plans with unlimited listings, paid on daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis,  with optional administrator-defined commission,
  • per item plans - when sellers buy such subscription they can only list a fixed number of listings. The administrator can also set a commission per each sale made - this way sellers pay for both listing an item AND for selling it.

How can you attract sellers and monetize your social multi vendor platform?

Create a free monthly subscription. In a few months time you can change the plan’s price. After the period expires for the particular subscriber he will have to renew, and pay the subscription fee to keep his selling privileges and listings on your site.

In time you can gradually introduce commission, subscription or per-item plans, depending on how your site and sales are progressing.

The Subscriptions plan editor does not limit the number of merchant packages you can create. Add multiple subscription options - each with different capabilities - so you can attract vendors with various needs. The cheaper plans may have fewer listings or higher commission, while more expensive plans may include more (or unlimited) listings, lower commission. You can also introduce an annual package so you can collect more money early.

Are you looking for a multi vendor marketplace script, a marketplace b2b script, or a c2c marketplace script?
Then look no further. Our Marketplace module will regenerate your Pintastic 4 into an online marketplace script. There are many solutions on the market, but you will hardly find any b2b marketplace script php or b2c marketplace script that compares to our versatile solution. It is more than a regular ecommerce marketplace script - it is a complete system that can be upgraded with various modules so you can own the best marketplace script available. Here are just a few examples to support our claim. 

Combine Amexi’s solution with the Banner module and you will have an advertising marketplace script.

Do you need auctions eBay style?
Then, you can include the Auction module to get this extended functionality. Thanks to this add-on you can have your own auto marketplace script.  Install our Digital product module to convert your tangible-goods-only marketplace into a digital marketplace script. Because there are no limitations on what you can actually sell, you can have an app marketplace script, an audio marketplace script and a content marketplace script all in one system. 

With the Restful API module and the upcoming native app, you will also be owning an Android marketplace script - all the products will be available for purchase directly on buyers’ phones! We’ve sold over 1000 copies of our first marketplace shopping cart script, and we have used our experience and customer feedback to build a worthy successor. Purchase your php marketplace script from Amexi, and start your business today! We’ve done our best to deliver a capable solution at the lowest possible price. If you are on a budget remember that you can upgrade your solution over time - step by step. Be aware that custom-developing a script for marketplace from the ground up to match your specific needs will be a much costlier endeavor.  If you need additional functions and options for your solution - purchase our b2b marketplace script Open Source license and contact us for a development quote.

How you can use this social marketplace module

The social marketplace module is a versatile solution that rebuilds your social network system into a multi vendor marketplace script.  Combine the Marketplace script module upgrade with the User groups and permissions module, and you can allow only certain users (or yourself only) to list products. 

Help your sellers make more effective promotions and attract more customers by installing the Discount coupons module.

Do you want to sell like on eBay?
All you need is the Auction module, where each sale can have duration, starting price, predefined bidding steps and maximum bids! Add the Subscription module and create pre-paid packages for access to seller, discount code and auctioning privileges. If you are looking for a digital goods marketplace script - we have a solution for you. You can order and install our Digital product module to upgrade your Pintastic Script 4.0 to a files marketplace script.

You can sell virtually any file of type through our digital mall solution, so you can have an image marketplace script, an online video store, a music marketplace script and many more all rolled into one. With so many options to sell all sorts of products, it might be hard for your visitors to discover what they are actually looking for. Add our filters to your script marketplace listing pages to help them up! Install the Color filter so users can match your products to their style, or the Price filter for those on a budget. Thanks to the Sort filter and the Item type filter buyers can order the products in categories and interests to their specific criteria. With our Ships to country and Ships to city modules you can turn your site into a local marketplace script, and our Search in store filter helps them lookup products in an individual store. When you have the Interests by category module installed, buyers can follow the exact group or brand of products they are looking for, and receive updates from it on their home pages. Payments can be completed through the built-in PayPal module, or with the additional CCBill module.

Trust us - this is just the beginning...


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Why do you need this module?

  1. Revamps Pintastic into a social online marketplace script

  2. Extends your monetizing options: sell your own products, invite other vendors to offer theirs and charge subscription for listing

  3. Extremely flexible solution: combine with Auction module, Digital item module and Coupon module to further widen sales option and upgrade your online marketplace script

  4. Add the User rating module and increase the confidence of the visitors in your php marketplace script site

Seamless integration with online payment methods your website marketplace script is less prone to bugs and errors, because order statuses are automatically updated.

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