Compare Pintastic with other products on the market

Compare Pintastic with other products on the market

We believe that there is no room for comparison between Pintastic and other similar products on the market, but for your convenience we have made a brief table of some of the differences.

The New Pinterest ™ Clone Script 4.0 vs. The Competitors


  Pintastic Pinterest ™clones Pinderful Pinnect PinMe Script Social pinboard
Mobile app
Previous/Next pin buttons in pin view
Dynamic scaling of media preview
Loading animation while pinning/repinning
PinIt button
Following pins
Following users
Following boards
Filter for popular pins
Link to original item in pin view
Dynamic scaling of images
Video sharing – YouTube
Video sharing – YouTube playlist support
Video sharing – Vimeo
Support for over 10 adult video hosts
Over 150 OTHER video hosts supported
Filter for video pins
Endless scroll which is NOT pagination
Scroll to top
Board management
Board sharing
Invite system
Facebook/Twitter login
Complete social network integration (liking, sharing, updates)
Invitation/direct sign-up modes
“Hide profile from search engines” setting
"Delete profile" request
Actual deletion of user data when profile removed ? ? ? ? ?
Smart search
Smart cache
“Recent activity” module
Access levels
Configure notifications
HTML-formatted notifications that can be branded ? ? ? ? ?
Search results configuration
Gift pins
Ability to change the currency in gifts
Support for left- and right-side symbol currency in gifts
VIP pins


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