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Pintastic Package "Rush Hour"


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Pintastic Package "Rush Hour"

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Pintastic 3.5 is a great way to create communities, to promote your ideas and your products, and moreover, to earn real money! Pintastic v3.5 is a community building tool, similar to Pinterest ™. With Pintastic you can have your own social network and make money from it by promoting users and posts, and selling banner spots. The system is intended for heavy loads, and will work on almost every hosting server from a small VPS to a cloud solution (see our server requirements).

Start your own social network and fill it with content in a very short time with the YouTube and Pinterest ™ Crawlers.

These two crawlers are developed to help the starting businesses in case of difficulties in filling of content. If you have friends in Pinterest ™ and YouTube - just take their profile names and start the crawlers. They will take all the pins and videos from the profiles of your friends and publish them into your social network. Then just send invitations to your friends to join your site and you will have: your own website + full actual content + new users very quick.

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