Affiliate Grabber plus Banner module

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Package "Quick Pick"

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The present bundle includes two tools for monetizing of the web site content. From one side - the banner system is oriented to advertise products or brands to the users and from the other one is the Affiliate grabber for making money through taking commissions from all sales. The Affiliate Grabber is a unique tool that handles all of the boring stuff: adding a product, making price comparison, linking to your own affiliate ID, updating prices on a daily basis, etc.

With this awesome tool you can get access to over 100 million items from the most popular affiliate platforms. Affiliate Grabber works pretty easy and 100% automatically. Just add your affiliate ID and catalog ID to the grabber settings, and enter a keyword of the product that you are interested in. The module will automatically start populating your website with unlimited number of items with the following product properties:

Image, Description, Price (or Price comparing option - if there is more than 1 supplier), Your own affiliate link, Update prices and availability daily. So don’t wait anymore! Turn your Pintastic 3 script into the ULTIMATE SOCIAL AFFILIATE PLATFORM!

Pintastic 3 modules will work with any license of the basic system. This means you can use a Regular license module on an Open Source licensed Pintastic 3 and vice-versa. The Affiliate grabber is not compatible with our Skimlinks module.

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