Pintastic Script - Pinterest ™ Clone Script Change log page

Change log

Version 4.4.7

Image color parser on detail page open fix
Support https for google map and other
Payment provider name translate
Pin Houzz like button fix text for translate and change like/unlike for houzz
Add/remove to wishlist fix text for translate for houzz
Menu FUN tablet & Mobile fix for houzz
Fix text change ajax & active on line & wishlist buttons for houzz
Add background & style in wishlist & like button for houzz
Profile in detail page pin hover menu style for houzz

Version 4.4.6

Geolocation general fixes
Fixes on maintanace mode

Version 4.4.5
RTL fixes
YouTube crawler fixes
Popshops API change
General fixes

Version 4.4.4 

Admin panel login fixes
IOS9 upload fix
Subscriptions method fixes
PayPal subscription fix
Fixes for free subscription
Subscription general fixes
Fix change languiage under IOS

Version 4.4.3
MySQL strict mode off is enabled
Popshops modul fixes
Google analytics fix
General fixes

Version 4.4.2

UPDATED: Upload limitations removed

UPDATED: Auto load dinamic css files

UPDATED: Track orders payed via Virtual wallet

UPDATED: Installer was improved in order to keep the installation process alive

FIXED: Item video preview fix for responsive version

FIXED: Tags are now displayed

FIXED: Success page was fixed to display some of subscriptions

FIXED: Adult crawlers fixed

FIXED: Logo is now displayed on the welcome page

NEW: Improvment of the modules installation process and system update notifications

NEWImprovment of the add to cart process


Version 4.3.3

UPDATED: MySQL optimization.

UPDATED: Marketplace module - addresses, order totals, item gallery and shipping updated.

UPDATED: Categories by interests module.

FIXED: 404 error on user profile pages.

FIXED: Facebook error.


Version 4.3.2

UPDATED: Cities and states now displayed in alphabetical order in both filders and droopdown selectors.

UPDATED: Blog, Slider, Marketplace and Wallet modules.

FIXED: Erroneous URLs of user profile pages.

FIXED: Errors in search.

FIXED: Facebook integration default status set to off, related errors occuring no more.


Version 4.3.1

UPDATED: Installer routine

UPDATED: Facebook integration

NEW: Theme switch in admin panel

FIXED: Editor popup

FIXED: Wishlist add close buttons

UPDATED: Phone number displayed in order details

UPDATED: Virtual wallet module.


Version 4.3.0

NEW: administrators can now add balance to user Virtual wallet from the backed.

FIXED: all prices in Products by location are the same.

NEW: free shipping allowed.

UPDATED: blog excerpts.

FIXED: Facebook module names and profile image not retrieved.

FIXED: errors when ordering free seller packages.

FIXED: uploading product under Free marketplace leads to 404 page.

FIXED: item category dropped when editing.

NEW: Virtual wallet balance display widget.

FIXED: Blog module exception when adding an article.

FIXED: Errors when purchasing user group subscription.

FIXED: Search button can't be clicked.

UPDATED: Facebook and Twitter modules.

REMOVED: link on poweruser icon leading to 404 page.

NEW: direct link to user group subscription packages list in the footer.

FIXED: tag autocomplete popup hiding tag entry field.

FIXED: long button titles pushing user menu and cart on the next row.

FIXED: Cash on delivery module cannot be re-installed.

UPDATED: Power user package titles are now required in all languages.

REMOVED: automatically added withdraw request upon successful deposit in Virtual wallet.

UPDATED: Sort filter options text spilling out the highlighted zone.

FIXED: display spillout when switching from modular to base view on home page.

FIXED: error when seller attempts to connect with an existing Stripe account.

FIXED: slider appearing on every page.

FIXED: errors in admin panel.

UPDATED: mobile layouts, map spilling out.

FIXED: logo in notification emails not displayed.

FIXED: errors when trying to unistall Blog module and delete data.

NEW: numerous texts can now be translated.


Version 4.2

NEW: search feature in the translation console - easily find the text you wish to update!

UPDATED: [multi]currency support for 3rd party modules.

UPDATED: search engine.

UPDATED: rating system - user rating display.

UPDATED: collections now appear in catalog.

UPDATED: Geolocation and maps module now requires a Google API key.

UPDATED: Subscription module packages now also have a help text.

FIXED: installation problems.

FIXED: "Remove from menu" toggles in admin panel link management.

FIXED: errors with most popular and best seller items.

FIXED: Shop by location problems.

FIXED: following system.

FIXED: subcategory listing.

FIXED: Blog - adding new article issue.

FIXED: member names not appearing in notification messages.

FIXED: errors due to user being deleted.

FIXED: admin dashboard spillouts.

FIXED: drag-and-drop feature for new product image.

FIXED: welcome page.

FIXED: power user following issue.

FIXED: power user following issue.

FIXED: Twitter and price filter errors, item listing display.


Version 4.0

NEW: built-in compatibility checking script into the installation system.

NEW: core update: support for more modules; more options for earning money supported.

NEW: entirely new, extendable design. Provides improved interface for faster access to both existing functions and menus, and to the new ones for the add-on modules (see list below).

NEW: responsive design - your site is mobile-compatible off the shelf.

UPDATED: improved pin loading and display in listing pages further reduces time to display pins in a category, profile or search result pages.

NEW: WYSIWYG editor implemented into the pin description field; some limitations apply.

UPDATED: adding pin from PC (including gallery pin), edit and deletion. Comment reporting and deletion updated.

NEW: pin title field - separate from description text, this field is ideal for site owners oriented towards affiliate earning or building their own marketplaces.

NEW: pins are now directly linked to categories for faster discovery.

UPDATED: single tag system in a dedicated tag field (requires the Tag module).

NEW: Interests by category module - joins pins and products using admin-set tag under a new entity - interest. Interests can be used for connecting products under brands (e.g. Samsung), types by characteristic or usage (widescreen, neckband, etc.) and many more. Interests can be followed. Requires the Tag module to work.

UPDATED: pin detail page sidebar widgets were optimized for faster loading.

NEW: repins (wishlists) are now only links to products, not duplicates of original pins.

NEW: add-on type filter to discern pins for fun from products for sale and items being auctioned.

NEW: behavior of Previous and Next buttons in pin detail view updated - now buttons show the previous or next pin in a category, profile or search results page.

NEW: PayPal module and Service cart module are now built into the system!

NEW: module version numbers - the system will automatically notify administrators if new version of their system and/or modules is available.

NEW: built-in User groups and permissions system for granting/disabling user access to features of your Pintastic system.

NEW: Subscriptions module - helps monetize user access to add-on modules (user pay fee to become sellers, etc.).

NEW: Business profile module - extends user profiles into company ones.

NEW: Marketplace module - turn your social network script into a multivendor marketplace with a single module. Includes built-in shipping charges and simple options for each product.

NEW: Digital item module - sell files in your marketplace.

NEW: Auction module - sell like you’re on eBay!

NEW: Rating module and a separate Rating filter module - sellers and buyers can provide feedback for each other after a sale.

NEW: Search in shop filter - find products in a particular store.

NEW: Coupon module - sellers can create discount codes.

NEW: Optional payment modules - CCBill, Bank transfer, Cash on delivery.

NEW: Shipping filters - discover products delivered to your country and city.

NEW: Chat and online status module

NEW: Geolocation module - discovers visitor location to set interface language and currency.

NEW: Google Analytics Pro module - helps track your sales.

NEW: Blog module - the voice of your business.

NEW: Home page slider module.

FIXED: system remembers which pin the users was on after signing in.

FIXED: correct image title now displayed (taken from description).

FIXED: autocompletes on tags and user mentioning.

FIXED: category description now displayed.

FIXED: pins displayed in boards with long descriptions


Version 3.5

NEW: added support for Restful API and Mobile version.

NEW: added logic for recognizing devices and switching to mobile when auch device is detected.

Fixed: Pinmarklet.

Fixed: Previous/Next buttons.

NEW: translation added for file upload dialog in Gallery pin.


Version 3.4

NEW: board cover images can now be set up for each board.

Fixed: banners now displaying on category pages.

Fixed: pinmarklet pinning from YouTube.

Fixed: site metatags.

Fixed: pin description now passed when sharing pins to Facebook.

Fixed: tag box autocompletes do not remove already entered tags anymore.

Fixed: Pinterest ™ crawler now retrieving user profile data.


Version 3.3

NEW: favicon can now be replaced through the admin panel.

NEW: Notification to admin is sent via email when a pin is reported.

NEW: module updater in the admin panel added.


Version 3.2

NEW: Notification to admin is sent via email when a pin is reported.

NEW: Secret boards now denoted with a padlock icon within user’s own My boards view.

NEW: Option to display newest or random pins in the home page.

NEW: Option to enable/disable the sidebar in the pin detail page.

NEW: Option to enable/disable the bottom bar in the pin detail page.

NEW: Repinned pins are no longer shown in New – users will no longer see the same pin over and over again.

NEW: Tags are now links directly in the description.

NEW: Separate tag box below description; these tags will display in a RELATED PINS box in the right-hand sidebar in the pin detail page.

Fixed: Cyrillic 1251 script now supported when pinning from such sites.

Fixed: Error when trying to share a board with other users.

NEW: Optimized queries for new modules.

NEW: Modules Install/Uninstall buttons and text descriptions in Admin > Modules > Install modules.

Fixed: Facebook module.

Fixed: Invite Facebook friends.

NEW: The gallery pins now also are assigned colors.

Fixed: Errors when editing user in the admin.


Version 3.1

Important: license system update

The license system in Pintastic has been updated in v.3.1, and now ALL licenses will require Zend to run, as part of the files have been encrypted. These files do not contain any functionality; they only hold license-related information. We kindly invite everyone, willing to run versions 3.0 and later to install Zend Guard Loader
on their servers.

NEW: Add a pin button on the My pins page.

NEW: when creating boards “on the fly” (while adding a pin) users can now attach them to a category.

Fixed: board description now displayed.

Fixed: Admin > Reports > Reported comments now displaying the information required.

Fixed: when added new countries also follow alphabetical order.

NEW: pin prefix can now be changed in the admin.

Fixed: repin count and price now updated.

NEW: displaying who liked and repinned  the pin in the pin detail page.

Fixed: activity for new users.

Fixed: arrow keys while in the comment box no longer move to previous/next pin.

Fixed: apostrophe in comments no longer switches to HTML code.

Updated: security system.

Fixed: multiple users in s shared board no longer spill from the layout box.

NEW: link to Twitter profile now displayed.

NEW: users can now be REMOVED from shared board.

NEW: users notified via activity and e-mail for board invitation.

Fixed: City field limited to 32 symbols.

Updated: activity list now separated in groups of 5.

NEW: “Top” button now hidden when the user is still at the top of the page.

NEW: notifications added for expiring services: featured pin and power user.

Fixed: “Facebook Alerts: Too Many Login Dialog Permissions” error for Facebook app.

NEW: private messages module support added; the module is available separately.

NEW MODULE: Private messages module

NEW: pin image Alt tag added.

Fixed: notification of accepted shared board invite.

Fixed: gift prices now converted properly – 100 Yen and 100 USD displayed in appropriate filter.

NEW: support for Right-to-left languages – Arabic, Hebrew, etc.

Fixed: brand removal now done through the admin panel.

Updated: admins can change welcome page image through the admin panel.

NEW MODULE: Popshops Crawler

NEW MODULE: Pinterest ™ Crawler

Fixed: Pinterest ™ thumb retrieval

Fixed: Vimeo thumb retrieval

NEW: added Share button to board view.

NEW: added number of pins and number of followers for a board in the board detail page.

NEW MODULE: YouTube Crawler

Fixed: user boards count

NEW MODULE: Online status module


Pintastic version v.3

Entirely rebuilt and redesigned, modular, faster and more secure system with new monetization opportunities, a PayPal module for instant payment and features activation for your users.

NEW: Frameless pin box and pin images that are 44 pixels (over 20% wider) than version2 ensure all pins are visible.

NEW: Up to 10 times faster than v.2 – page loading times have been dramatically improved, so your visitors will now scroll seamlessly through all updates (get a crawler!!!).

NEW: Additional modules, which you can purchase and install quickly to add more functionality in minutes.

SEO-focused with individual Meta tags, URLs and other data for each category, board, pin and user.

NEW: Share button to make content viral through almost 300 social sites

All-around improved security.

NEW: modular system so you can add more functionality when you need it, and keep your application up to date.

Upadated: Banner module to place targeted ads all around the site – on the home page, category pages, pin detail, search pages, etc. The system is Google Ads rules compliant.

NEW: Users shopping cart, so subscribers can purchase subscriptions, featured pins statuses and more while on the site.

NEW: PayPal module (available separately), so they can pay immediately and instantly activate their purchases.

NEW: Featured pins module. Subscribers can move their pins to the top positions for a small fee for one or more days.

NEW: Power users module, that shows paying subscribers pins after the featured pins, and makes new signups automatically follow them.

NEW: Top users module, which displays the users that have the most likes, repins and followers.

NEW: Color filter, which automatically assigns colors to a pin, so your users can search pins and similar pins by color.

Updated: Amazon S3 module for site owners to save on media hosting and reduce loading times further by using Amazon’s powerful CDN.


Pintastic version v.2.4

Fixed: Logging out under iPad now possible (session is successfully terminated).
Fixed: Boards can now be added "on the fly" when adding pins via iPad & iPhone.
Fixed: When editing an existing pin adding price now turns the pin into a gift.
Fixed: Pins uploaded via a mobile device can now be edited.
Fixed: upload modes selection in admin.
Fixed: reordering boards.
Fixed: About user field now truncates at 400 symbols.
Fixed: prices with RH-symbol.
Fixed: Comment counter displays proper comment number.
Changed: pin image preview moved above description field.
Fixed: Pin it button now works under IE 9 and 10
Fixed: Facebook invite friends option.
Fixed: tweeting counter updates.
Fixed: thousands delimiter in gift pins now works correctly.
Fixed: daily and weekly digests are now being sent.
Fixed: images in notifications no longer appearing as attachments.
Changed: link to pin source site above pin image is now "no follow" and opens in new window.

Pintastic version 2.3
Fixed: repin bug when no pin is loaded.
Fixed: comments limit in detail page.
Fixed: MySQL version 5.2 now supported.
Price fix.
Fixed: search in frontend.
Fixed: banner margin.
Fixed: price right-hand symbol.
Fixed: image transperency.
When browsing previous/next pin the background is moving to show actual location of pin displayed.
About menu separators added.
CSS minify fix.
Login error fix.
Fixed: pin search by description in Admin.
Charset encoding fix.
Comments list fix under nginx.
Fixed: avatar image.
Fixed: image rotation under mobile app.
Fixed: SMTP connection for notifications.
Fixed: statistics graphics.
Fixed: behavior when pressing "Find images", but no URL is entered.
Select box for boards now visible on iPad, iPhone.
Fixed: VIA text for repins now behaves properly.
Fixed: pin listing on home page for unregistered users.
Follow text button updated.
Statistics for likes and repins updated.
Twitter API updated from 1 to 1.1.
Fixed: Pinit button error for YouTube home page.
Fixed: banner dimensions.
Fixed: redirect after deleting a pin.
Fixed: listing URL for eBay items.
Fixed: images in notifications are no longer sent as attachments.
Fixed: ability to follow/unfollow people/boards directly from user's own profile page.


Version 2.2.1:

NEW: created foundation for modules. Currently available modules: Chat app, Online status module, Tags module.

Fixed: Instagram logging-in problem.
Added: loader for the page where users pick boards to follow.
Fixed: actions are displayed properly in activity feed when pagination and pop-ups are switched off.
Fixed: duplicate followers in the user's public profile page will no longer appear.
Fixed: board cover image problem.
Fixed: "URLs using system words" problem.
Fixed: "SEO URLs using non-ANSI encoded characters" problem.


Version 2.2

NEW: Minimum image size for picture to be pinned. This can be changed from Admin > System > Settings > Options. Default value is 80x80 pixels. If you set this option to zero it will return to the default value.

NEW: Sources added - all websites your users pinned from are now included in a library available under Admin > Catalog > Sources

Fixed: the word "board" is now reserved system word and will no longer result in 404 error from search results.

Fixed: problems with boards using SEO URLs in various languages (e.g. Arabic, Turkish, etc.).

Fixed: board cover change bug.

Fixed: activity log on user index appears properly whenpop-up and pagination are turned off.

Fixed: search results for boards no longer include separate pins.

Fixed: Instagram registration when user not already logged in to Instagram.

Fixed: pins displayed in board view when you browse your own private boards.

Fixed: public/private profile and enable/disable following bug.

Updated: dropped unused tabs in Admin > System > Translate management.


Version 2.1

Fixed: separate logo for the mobile layout now visible.
Fixed: Welcome message to new users is sent with the admin e-mail's identity instead of [email protected]
Updated: When an image has been pinned via upload the label is "Uploaded ******** ago".
Fixed: Welcome email includes sitename.
Removed: account name in Rackspace module dropped as not required.
Updated: images from deleted pins are removed from remote storage using a cron job.
Updated: repin counter now updates instantly (same as Like counter).
Updated: when a new user is signing up he will be able to follow or repin from any board that has at least 1 pin (we previously displayed boards with 4 pins or more).


Version 2.0

The core has been completely re-written in order to improve the speed and add new features.

A short list of the visible changes:

NEW: Gallery pin – one pin with multiple images. The user can drag and drop images in the upload box, upload and share!

NEW: Unlimited number of secret boards - users can now share pins only with friends.

NEW: VIP pins have a fixed position at the top of each page - home, category or board view.

NEW: Website blacklist – the administrator can disable websites to pin from.

NEW: Complete Instagram integration.

NEW: User images from Instagram accounts can be accessed, selected and pinned individually toa board of choice.

NEW: Complete Twitter integration.

NEW: Enable/disable individual board description through the admin panel.

NEW: Manage gift price ranges from the admin panel.

NEW: Built-in modules for cloud servers and social network integration.

NEW: A new section in the admin panel to edit all notification templates.

NEW: Select how your users are listed on the website (username, first name or last name shown in pins and comments).

NEW: Limit the number of comments per pin when pins are displayed in a listing page.

NEW: Prefix for pin preview storage can be changed.

NEW: Banners can be displayed in all categories, or in a category of choice.

NEW: Admin can turn the pagination and Ajax loader on or off to allow Google ads.

NEW: Admin panel protection module - access to the interface can be limited to a set of administrator-defined IP addresses.

NEW: A new, customizable Pinterest ™ crawler - select which categories you populate your website from.

What you cannot see, but helps speed the script up:

  • Sleeker queries for faster loading.
  • Optimised CSS, consolidated to a single file.
  • Rewritten, even smarter smart cache.

Version 1.061

due to several tests we found security issue with the script. That is why please update immediately your script to version 1.061
Bugs with the mobile app - Some texts are not translatable
Version 1.06
NEW: the board owner can edit and delete viewer comments.
Added Meta description tag and Keywords in pins.
NEW: when creating a new board the script makes sure there will be no two boards with the
same name for the user.
Fixed: usernames and passwords can now contain special characters.
NEW: loading animations appear when adding a pin or repining.
Fixed: in the board page the page title is now the board name.
NEW: dynamic scaling of media preview while loading.
RSS feeds added for each user and board.
NEW: in pin view there are links to the previous and the next pin in the board.
Faster user registration and board queries.
Fixed: if a user has registered using Facebook now his profile can be deleted through the admin
Added: forgotten password link.
Fixed: when deleting a pin its likes are also deleted.
Facebook likes/shares are now direct links to the pin or board liked/shared.
Fixed: users can edit and delete the default boards.
Fixed: extended session.
Changed: cache type.
Changed: if you purchased brand removal for your Pintastic you can now go to the admin panel
and hide the Powered by link from the admin panel. Go to System > Settings >
Options, select Yes for the Hide brand url option, then click Save.
Updated: Amazon account settings.
NEW: Rackspace storage connection.
Version 1.052
A new Pintastic patch is available –please upgrade to version 1.0.52 as soon aspossible. The method for publishing pins has been completely overhauled so as to allow for faster pinning as well as more reliable pin image grabbing. A number of bugfixes and updates for improved reliability have also been included.
Version 1.051
due to several tests we found security issue with the script. That is why please update immediately your script to version 1.051
Version 1.05
Following internal tests and customer reports we have released Pintastic v. 1.0.5. This is a list of the changes made:
The Unfollow button on the second step after the registration is now working.
Sending mass e-mail through the administration is now possible.
Fixed: after repining a video pin only the preview is retained, the video is missing.
Fixed: when pinning a product only the link of the image is taken, and NOT the URL of the product.
Fixed: problems with repins when using Amazon.
Fixed: attempting to change user avatar leads to the default site image set as the user avatar.
Fixed: SMTP authentication not working.
Fixed: Followers and Following counters displaying false numbers.
Fixed: unfollowing a user does not remove you from his followers’ list.
Fixed: the pin counter for the embedded PinIt buttons do not work.
Fixed: administrators can only add 3 new entries through Categories & Boards in the admin panel
Settings. After that the existing Categories and Boards are overwritten.
NEW. If you want to run Pintastic for adult content then your script will be able to embed videos form:
NEW. Multi currency support: With our new version you can add your currency as default
NEW. Registration with Facebook
NEW. Minify JS and CSS for faster login
NEW. Rewritten core engine for loading 10 times faster
NEW. Live search (autocomplete) by Pin, Bouad, Users
Note: the list is not exhaustive. There’s much more done on the code level to improve stability and
ensure the design remains scalable.
Please log in to your account, go to Downloads and select Updates and patches to get the new version.


Version 1.04

Following internal tests and customer reports we have released Pintastic v. 1.0.4. This is a list of the changes made:

The Unfollow button on the second step after the registration is now working.

Sending mass e-mail through the administration is now possible.

Fixed: after repining a video pin only the preview is retained, the video is missing.

Fixed: when pinning a product only the link of the image is taken, and NOT the URL of the product.

Fixed: problems with repins when using Amazon.

Fixed: attempting to change user avatar leads to the default site image set as the user avatar.

Fixed: SMTP authentication not working.

Fixed: Followers and Following counters displaying false numbers.

Fixed: unfollowing a user does not remove you from his followers’ list.

Fixed: the pin counter for the embedded PinIt buttons do not work.

Fixed: administrators  can only add 3 new entries through Categories & Boards in the admin panel Settings. After that the existing Categories and Boards are overwritten.

Please log in to your account, go to Downloads and select Updates and patches to get the new version.

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