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Server Requirements for Pintastic v.3

Below are the server requirements for Pintastic version 3. Most major hosting providers will cover them with their standard packages, or can set up a VPS that will be compatible.

Linux Server

Apache or nginx Web Server

PHP 5.4

MySQL version 5.5

Zend Guard Loader (required for all license types)

GD2 Library or higher

Apache mod_rewrite

Enabled PHP5 - curl

Enabled Zlib extension

Register globals OFF

Enabled PHP functions - fopen, fclose, fwrite

Minimum memory limit of 512MB for smooth operation


To check the compatibility of your hosting account please download the file below, extract it from the archive, and upload it to the public_html folder of your server.

Access the file by typing the following address: where is the domain name you intend to have your Pintastic site on.

Download test file


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