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Pintastic complete features list

1.    There is a special cache controller dealing with the default home page (the one for all the users not logged in). The pins displayed are randomly selected and are changed at a specific time interval (this is cron job-controlled).

2.    Each logged user sees the latest pins from the boards and users he is following on his home page. If he is not following any users and boards he will only see his own pins.

3.    Smart search. Using our innovative technology searching pins only takes a fraction of a second, regardless of whether the pins on your website are 100 000 or 100 000 000.

4.    Information about the followed users’ activity.

5.    Statistical information about the number of likes, comments and repins.

6.    AJAX Like requests.

7.    “Quick comment” function

8.    Repin function

9.    When opening a pin in a lightbox the pin address is retained. Even if the page is refreshed (whether using the browser button or the F5 key) the pin page remains unchanged.

10.  The pin page

a.    Displays comments.

b.    Allows adding new comments.

c.    Shows information about the board the current pin is in.

d.    Displays information about the board the pin was originally pinned in.

e.    Shows information about the user that made the original pin.

f.     Displays the number of repins, the people that repinned, and the latest users that repinned the current pin.

g.    Shows the number of likes and the latest users to like the pin are also displayed.

h.    Allows embedding the pin in a website.

i.      Has a report button that allows each user to notify the website administrator about issues with the pin.

j.      Allows the pin to be liked on Facebook.

k.    Allows users to tweet about the pin.

l.      Allows users to email the pin.

11.  There is a filter that shows only pins with prices.

12.  Users can filter only video pins.

13.  Using a special formula the Popular pins filter detects the pins that would be most interesting to the user.

14.  Ability to create categories.

15.  Creation of static pages and subpages.

16.  SEO

a.    SEO-friendly URL

b.    Each repined page gets a canonical tag to the original pin to prevent duplicated content.

17.  When the user is in an Endless scroll mode, AJAX queries are generated, containing the page number. This way even if he refreshed the page the user would still see the same pins that he is looking at in this moment.

18.  Complete Facebook integration:

a.    Seamless Facebook login

b.    Automatic retrieval of all Facebook friends of the user.

c.    Optional automatic publishing onto the user’s Facebook Timeline.

d.    Automatic Facebook profile image retrieval.

19.  Tweeter login.

20.  Boards:

a.    Unlimited number of boards allowed.

b.    Boards can be reordered using drag-n-drop.

c.    Ability to follow selected boards rather than the entire user activity.

d.    Boards can be shared with other users.

21.  Ads pinning: the advertisement pins are always displayed first.

22. NEW If you want to run Pintastic for adult content then your script will be able to embed videos form:



23. NEW Multi currency support: With our new version you can add your currency as default


24. NEW Registration with Facebook

25. NEW Minify JS and CSS for faster login

26. NEW. Rewritten core engine for loading 10 times faster

27. NEW. Live search (autocomplete) by Pin, Bouad, Users

Please note that this is not exhaustive, because it would be way too long to read.


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