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Pintastic Blog

  • Updates for Mobile and modules

    We have made updates to the Mobile version, including adding an admin where administrators can set - mobile site name, - mobile site logo, - which pages to display in the menu. You can download the update in the Updates and patches tab in the Downloads section of your account. Ple

  • Pintastic 3.4 released

    We've released a new version of our popular Pintastic script, and have updated all modules available. Please re-install or update your installations and modules. As always - a complete backup is recommended. Here are some of the more visible fixes: Fixed: banners now displaying on cat

  • New module: PinMaps

    PinMaps is fully integrated with Foresqare Api + Google Maps Api + to make pinning places easy like never before! With this tool you can give your users functionality to point their favorite places and tell the world that they want to go there or have been there!

  • Version 3.3 IS OUT!!!

    A new version is released with support for even more fetures and modules! NEW: favicon can now be replaced through the admin panel. NEW: Notification to admin is sent via email when a pin is reported. NEW: module updater in the admin panel added. Patches for all modules have been

  • Pintastic version 3.2 is out

    The latest version is already available for download on our servers. Users purchasing an upgrade from version 2 will be able to directly upgrade to version 3.2. Here are a few of the visible changes made: NEW: Notification to admin is sent via email when a pin is reported. NEW: Se

  • Version 3.1 is out now!

    Important: license system update The license system in Pintastic has been updated in v.3.1, and now ALL licenses will require Zend to run, as part of the files have been encrypted. These files do not contain any functionality; they only hold license-related information. We kindly invite every

  • Important: license system update

    The license system in Pintastic has been updated in v.3.1, and now ALL license types will require Zend to run, as part of the files have been encrypted. These files do not contain any functionality; they only hold license-related information. We kindly invite everyone, willing to run Pintasti

  • Upgrade module available

    If you'd like to migrate an existing Pintastic v.2.x site to a version 3 without losing user and pin data - you can now do so with the Migration tool. Purchasing this module will also give you a license for version 3 to replace the v.2.x that you own. All customers that have already upgraded

  • v3.0 Released

    The developing team of the famous Pinterest clone script, called Pintastic, announced the release of version 3.0 of their digital pin board software. This new version of the Pinterest clone is built on the features of the previous releases and adds new modules and new features. Pintastic v.3

  • Pintastic version 2.4

    The latest update is released. V.2.4 fixes a host of known problems, and a number of issues we've discovered ourselves. Aside from the clean install there is a patch that will bring v.2.3 to v.2.4 standard. Here's a part of the changes: Fixed: Logging out under iPad now possible (session is s

  • Amexi Halloween Sale

      GET 30% OFF THE PRICE For 3 days only, enjoy 30% OFF of the price for all not discounted products.   Promo Code: halloween30                  

  • Facebook module updated

    The Facebook integration module has been updated. The social network has recently updated their API, requiring certain data to be sent. This patch does fulfill their new requrement, so now your subscribers can invite their Facebook friends over to your Pintastic website. Please log in to

  • Pintastic v.2.3 available now!

    The new patch/version of the best Pinterest clone script around contains numerous fixes - some of them major, other virtually invisible, but all aimed at providing a better customer experience. Existing customer can download the patch from the respective section. New customers directly

  • The Best Hosting Sollution

    Amexi Inc. is proud to present the parthenrship with one of the fastes growing hosting companies: DigitalOcean   With the new $5 a month plan, DigitalOcean expects to speed up its already rapid growth. Its hosting solutions have received a stunning reception among developer

  • Pin tags module

    Link your pins beyond categories and boards! The Pintastic team introduces Pin tags!   Add unlimited tags to each of your pins - they will appear under the pin description and are clickable. Click a tag and all pins with this tag will appear on the page! All newly-added tags are kept

  • Pintastic Chat App released

    Empower your users - get the Pintastic Chat App today! The Chat module shows a list all of the user's followers that are online (and their status is publicly visible) in a window on the lower right of the screen. Start a chat by clicking on a follower's username - each chat is shown in a sep

  • Get the Online Status Module

    Now your users can discover their online buddies thanks to the Pintastic Online Status Module! Add and eanable the module on your Pintastic website as per the instructions. Your users will have the option to display or hide their online status in the Settings panel of their accounts. The onl

  • Download Pintastic v2.2.1!

    Pintastic has been updated to version 2.2.1 after a few tweaks and some bugfixes were confirmed. 1. Fixed Instagram log-in if you were not previously logged-in to Instagram. 2. Added a loader to the welcome page when the user is signing up. 3. Fixed activity feed when switchi

  • Pintastic v2.1 available

    Pintastic has been updated to version 2.1 after a few tweaks and some bugfixes were confirmed. 1. Separate logo for the mobile layout. 2. Welcome message to new users is sent with the admin e-mail's identity instead of root@localhost. 3. When an image has been pinned via upload the label

  • Pintastic v2.0 is released!

    The Pintastic team is proud to present a fantastic release - Pintastic v2.0. We've added a load of new features, worked on the most common customer complaints,  and considered the best suggestions. And because we're the best - we've added a bit of our own ideas that will give you a website t

  • Pintastic 1.06 is released

      The world will never be the same again, as we are introducing the new version of Pintastic and the all-new mobile app! Are you excited? You should be!   Pin on the GO!   Change the way you interact with the world – pin your favorites anytime-anywhere! Use the

  • The Pintastic mobile version!

    Today it is extremely important that websites are optimized for mobile devices. Mobile browsing has increased 10 fold in less than two years, with 4% in the past month alone! The ability to access your website on the go is crucial in generating extra traffic, keeping the users engaged for a longe

  • Pintastic 1.05 is released

    We are finally ready with the new version of Pintastic - 1.05   With allot of improvments and bug fixes our product is the leader on the pinterest clone script market.   You can see the changelog from here   Or you can se

  • URGENT - 1.051 Released

    Dear customers, due to several tests we found security issue with the script. That is why please update immediately your script to version 1.051

  • New version of Pintastic - 1.041

    This release (version 1.041) will fix a potential security hole.  Please update IMMEDIATELY Please update your versions or download the latest full installation script at your download area. ========== We are working hard for our new version 1.05 witch will have allot of new

  • Pinterest Clone Script

    As we already informed the public now we are developing a new script. Well, now we are glad to bring you another good news. Actually our script is almost ready. The script that, we believe will become very popular and will be with profit of all the users. We are just on the final!   


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