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Online Status Module for Pintastic v.2.2.1+


Online Status Module for Pintastic v.2.2.1+

Help your users discover their online buddies. Add the Status module to your Pintastic website!

When you install the module on your Pintastic website, each user will have the option to display or hide his online status through the Settings panel of their accounts. The online status will be displayed as a green dot next to the the user's name on his profile page, and will be visible to everyone.

Please note the Status module requires Pintastic v2.2.1.

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“Pintastic changed the way we interact with customers – now that it’s easier they are happy to share news and experience anywhere-anytime!”


Pintastic is great - I only need to manage one website to support my community. Forum, image and video sharing all in one!

United Kingdom

I own a small business, and adding Pintastic to my website made it much more popular! Thank you, Pintastic team!


“PinGram is a great way to enjoy pics on the go and share fun with friends and family. The images are hosted on Instagram and the site is lightning fast!"