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These are some of the basic functions of

The Ultimate Exact Pinterest Clone script on the market

  • Amazing responsive design

    Amazing responsive design

    Users can browse your website on any device

    The layout is based on a fluid, proportion-based grid that is compatible with smartphones, tablets and big screen monitors. Any resolution is supported. The adaptable layout can be easily demonstrated by resizing the browser window you will notice that the website changes to fit.

  • Social networks integration

    Helping your website go viral

    Complete Facebook API integration – allows for complete Pintastic script functionality within the Facebook tab. Users can follow individual boards and pin items without having to leave Facebook at all. Ability to invite Facebook friends. The system automatically discovers the users friends – this allows your subscribers to invite people without leaving the website. Once logged in, the system will display your friends boards you follow.

    Complete Twitter integration – Twitter users just need to follow your site feed – it’s THAT easy.

    Integration with Instagram – pin your Instagram photos in a blink, let others like, comment and share them.


    Social networks integration

  • Marketing Ready

    Marketing Ready

    Localization and Marketing ready!

    SEO-oriented code – each and every pin, page or category contains Meta tags – meta title, meta description. A meta tag is created for every pin, so it gets a canonical address.

    Quick and easy translation to a language of choice with RTL (Right-To-Left) support.

    • Unlimited categories.
    • Unlimited pages.
    • Unlimited users likes.
    • Unlimited repins from various users.
    • Gifts category to promote your products in.


  • Performance and security

    Faster and secure than any other social

    We have a deep understanding and practical experience in developing web platforms working under high loads.

    Pintastic has been written in a way that will allow you to use Cloud hosting - Amazon S3 (as used by themselves). Its MySQL database arhitecture is fully scalable.

    The script uses optimized MySQL queries (the join function is not used) and query cache!

    CSS, JS and HTML code were optimized and the speed is verified by



    Performance and security

  • Endless Scrolling

    Endless Scrolling

    All the updates in a single page

    No page to browse through - all the pins in a category are on a single page.

    HTML5 pagination and Ajax queries for optimal load and prevention of server overload.


  • Monetization

    Earn money from your website

    Banner managment system - add media or text ads on fixed positions in the website.
    Ability to create VIP pins that remain at the top of the pin listings.
    Automatic price tags – the system grabs the price from the product description that you pin.


  •  Pinmarklet


    Pinning with a single click!

    A Pinmarklet that allows users to share content directly from the website the media is located on. The module is also able to capture selected text and turn it into a pin description (similar to the Press This plugin for Wordpress). 

    There's also a “Pinit” button for integrating into websites for content sharing.

  • Pinterest crawler

    Fill your site with pins in minutes

    Grab data from Pinterest and kick-start your website. Populate your site with Users, Boards, Pins and Comments in just a few clicks! The script can be run as a cron job, and can grab unlimited amount of data.

    Get ready to get popular

    Pinterest crawler

  • CDN module included

    CDN module included

    An efficient storage solution

    Did your website otgrow your hosting account? Fear not for we have the solution!

    Pintastic can be connected with your Amazon S3 or Rackspace account, so any new multimedia on your website is stored on the cloud. Save on hosting fees and server upgrades, get unlimited storage, and only pay for what you use! All of your pins - before and after the connection with the cloud is made - remain visible.

  • e-mail notifications

    Pintastic sends e-mail notifications for a wide selection of events. Users can set whether they will receive instant notifications or daily digests. Texts and labels in the e-mails are fully customizable through the admin panel.

    e-mail notifications

  • Apache and nginx support

    Apache and nginx support

    Use a webserver of choice

    Pitastic runs smoothly on both Apache and nginx - two of the most popular web servers available. Together they power over 70 percent of the top websites.

    Apache is an open source project that started in 1995. Ranked #1 on the market, it is currently powering almost 1 billion websites.

    nginx is an increasingly popular solution, designed to serve websites with extremely high visitor count while requiring minimum server resources.

  • YouTube crawler

    Get your Pintastic Video website kick-started in a blink

    This is an add-on that will automatically pin many videos to your Pintastic Video website to help populate it faster and get more users to like, comment and share them.

    It usually takes some time before users start really crowding up websites when they start up empty, so we're here to help. We will configure your YouTube crawler to fit the specs of the server your Pintastic Video site is on, and it will fill it up with videos for you.

    Load your video site here

    YouTube crawler

  • Scalability


    Pintastic's architecture is scalable enough to allow it to work on any hardware solution - from your home PC, though a standard hosting account, to VPS and cloud servers. This means that regardless of the number of concurrent visitors, or the type of hosting you use, you will be running the same software - no upgrades necessary.

  • Unlimited private boards

    Your new privacy setting

    Until now all your pins were visible to everyone. Introducing Private boards - a solution that will alow you to pin stuff that is ONLY available to you and friends of choice. There is no limit to the number of private boards that you can create. You can also convert any standard board to a private one, or switch back from private to public at any time.

    Unlimited private boards

  •  And many, many more

    And many, many more

    useful features such as:

    A search engine – find results by pins, boards and people. The function is lightning fast even when searching within billions of records.
    “Recent activity” module allows your users to follow their friends’ activity.
    "Follow friends” module.
    “User comments” module.
    “Likes” module.
    "Popular pins" module.


Affiliate Program

Earn revenue by placing links or banners on your web site

Any sales made to customers who have clicked on those links will earn you money. The standard commission rate is currently 30%.

Become an affiliate partner



My website got over 100 videos pinned in just a few minutes, and the daily users' activity rose 250% - great work team!


Thanks to the CDN module could save money, and got a custom design instead of upgrading my web hosting plan.


I got a Pinterest crawler to fill up my website, and within a few hours about 30 new members signed up, posting over 500 comments.


“PinGram is a great way to enjoy pics on the go and share fun with friends and family. The images are hosted on Instagram and the site is lightning fast!"