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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most popular questions usesrs are needed to be answered.

  • Why upgrade to Pintastic v3.1?

    The Pintastic team has taken their time to go through the existing versions and try to speed them up, as well as work on the most common customer complaints and the best suggestions. We also added a bit of our own vision of what would improve Pintastic.

    As a result the system has been completely re-written, and uses a database with a different structure – the fun factor, ease of use and the name are the only things in common with the previous version (we’ve even updated the logo). Pintastic is now more stable and loads even faster thanks to optimized queries and a single, streamlined CSS file. The new version also adds a number of new features and functions, and the entire system is completely manageable through the admin panel.

    Also, a new Pinterest crawler that will allow you to select the categories it pulls pins from, assisting you in making your website more popular even quicker.

    We strongly recommend that you do a complete backup of your Pintastic installation before upgrading.

  • What's new in Pintastic v3.1?

    Pintastic is more than just a clone script. We have invested a lot of time and our own creative vision to give you features that you can't find even in Pinterest. Just have a look at the short list of the features in the new version you can see at this link

    There is also a lot more work we have done that you cannot see, but is there - we've completely rewritten Pintastic to make it faster, more stable and more adaptable.

  • Will my custom modifications be available after update?

    An automatic upgrade from earlier versions to Pintastic v2.0 will remove all custom modifications on your installation. Future versions will add a module allowing you to keep any mods made even with automatic updates/upgrades.

    A detailed tutorial on how to upgrade your Pintastic website is included in the upgrade package you will download from

    We strongly recommend that you do a complete backup of your Pintastic installation before upgrading.

  • How do I upgrade to the fantastic Pintastic v3.1?

    If you'd like to migrate an existing Pintastic v.2.x site to a version 3 without losing user and pin data - you can now do so with the Migration tool. Purchasing this module will also give you a license for version 3 to replace the v.2.x that you own.

    All customers that have already upgraded can request that the module is added to their account.

    The module copies all user data to the new installation, and all pins. Because the image sizes are different, it will also resize all pin images and connect them tothe existing pins - both those stored on the local disk, and media on Amazon S3.

    An instruction manual for the entire upgrade process is included in your download.

  • New Pinterest crawler for Pintastic v2.0

    The completely re-written Pinterest crawler allows you to

    - crawl a specific category in Pinterest,

    - select which page to start crawling from,

    - ignore comments when crawling,

    - which category to post the pin to,

    - which user to assign the pin to,

    - if a user is not set - the crawler will download the user accounts from Pinterest and create them on your Pintastic site, assigning the pins to them.

  • What does "YouTube crawler" mean and how does it work?

    The YouTube crawler is a special add-on script for Vidu that pins videos from YouTube to your site. Thus it helps fill it up with content, giving your users something to like, repin and comment on.

    The YouTibe crawler

    - can search and pin videos by keyword,

    - can pin a fixed, or unlimited number of videos,

    - can pin to a certain category.

  • Can I upgrade my license?

    You can upgrade your license at anytime.

    If you are running earlier versions (e.g. Pintastic 1.6) you need to update to latest version first - curently v2.0.

    Once you've brought your Pintastic website up to current standard, you can purchase the upgrade. The price of the upgrade is the difference between the prices of your current license and that of the license you'd like to purchase.

    Please note that license downgrades are not available.

  • With what Pintastic is different from all the other scripts that are currently on the market?

    It was taken under consideration the high loads and traffic that is expected for your site to acquire so the script was developed flexible and stable.
    Every order toward MySOL does not contain JOIN (which is a huge advantage)
    Every order is carefully thought through and optimized so that your website will run as smoothly as possible.
    Numerous AJAX/JSON orders are used with an optimized structure.
    The tests show that our application can withstand over 1,000 000 users “likes” per hour and up to 1150 users at the same per minute.  This is around 4, 000 000 users per day.

    If your network grows more, you can definitely count on us to help you upgrade it.

  • Why does our script cost as much?

    The script has been worked on for over 14 months now. The creators are a team of six professional PHP developers. Our goal was to deliver a professional platform - a stable foundation on which you can build a real social network that will work under high loads - just like Pinterest.
    If you custom-order such a platform to a similar team of developers, it will cost you tens of thousands of dollars, at least 6 months, and a load of nerves.
    Save youself the trouble. Pintastic can help you launch a brand new business and become a big player on the social media market. All this in less time than you need to find a reliable development team, and at a fraction of the cost. You can invest your savings in additional module development or a custom design.

    So, why is this price low?
    Because we will sell limited number of scripts and we think of our clients. This guarantees our script owners will remain unique and that they will have little competition - if any!

  • Can I change the licensed domain with another?

    Yes, you can. You will need to contact us and to tell us the current domain as well as the new one.
    This way the old domain will not be valid and the script that was installed on it will not work. Keep
    in mind that you have the ability to change the domain, once every 12 months from the last order to
    change it (if there is one).

  • Does the script has documentations for developers?

    No, the script is not offered with documentation for the functionality of the module. If you need help to
    develop or change your module, please purchase an option Professional support.

  • Are the files protected or is the code of the script open?

    There are two types of licenses when purchasing Pintastic.
    Professional license- The files are cryptic with Zend Guard and you will be able to make changes only by
    design and styles.
    License for the developers- All the files are with open codes and you or your team of developers will
    have the ability to change the files. This license requires signing of EULA.

  • If I find a bug will you be able to help me right away?

    Even though the development of the software took us several hard months it is not excluded that the
    script will not have small bugs. We constantly check out system and if we find something wrong we fix it
    right away. If you find any bugs in the code you can let us know and we will remove it. In the future we
    will make an update with the bugs removed.

  • Can I sell the domain and the script on it?

    Yes, of course! This means that you have created one successful social network with our script and
    you want to sell it to another owner. In this case you will need to contact us to inform us with the new
    owner’s information for the license.

  • Can you recommend me a hosting company?

    Now a day it is hard to be able to recognize a hosting company. They all offer almost the same services.
    If you are going to use the script with CDN (CONTENT DELIVERY NETWORK) module from Amazon
    S3 then you will need a net server from which will also be a company that can answer to our server

  • When will I have to make the decision if I will use CDN module on Amazon S3?

    This choice has to be made before you officially announce your social media. If you have started the
    promotion of your site without turning on the CDN then it will be very difficult to move your entire
    content to the deserted servers.

  • Do I need to purchase the Professional support for smaller issues with my script?

    Yes, you do need to purchase it so you can receive the time needed to remove the developed problems
    with the script.

  • If I do not like my script, can I get out money back?

    A demonstration for the ability of the system where is available on our demo server before you make your purchase. All purchases are final and are not subject to money back. For more information, please read our terms for returns.

  • Can I ask the team of Pintastic to install the script for me?

    Yes, you can! While ordering you can select the Professional installation option to request that we install the script for you. After your purchase is confirmed you will need to send us access data for your hosting: FTP credentials, access to a MySQL database management panel, and URL for phpMyAdmin.

  • Does the script have an installer?

    Yes, with any script there is an installer included for an easier and faster installation of the software.

  • How long will I have access to updates of the script?

    All of our clients will have access to updates to their scripts for an unlimited time period.

  • Pintastic Nulled or Pintastic script vs Pintastic nulled

    If you search the web for Pintastic Nulled you will find a lot of sites offering this product. The truth is that this sites want only your visit to gain some money.
    They make this because they get paid for every single visit via paid platforms like
    The scheme is really simple. This guys take popular scripts and make a post for example Pintastic 3 Nulled. Once you land on that page you will see Download Pintastic 3 script and the link will redirect you to a or similar page where you have to wait at least 5 seconds. In that case you will make money to this guys. 99% of the time the endpoint is the same site or fake download of our Pintastic script.
    There are also tryings of group buying of our script, where everyone contributes with a small ammount of cash and the organizer promises to crack and share the purchased script amongst the contributors, once he collects the total price for the product.
    Don`t be fooled. Group buying of a software will not work for you. You will only help the guy to buy our software and use it for itself.  This group buying scheme is absolute scam and you will be cheated!
    If for some reason you get Pintastic nulled script thre are several main reasons not to keep using it:
    1. You will never get updates nor new versions. 
    2. We have spiders which get data from all our customers and all illegal installs. Your domain name will be recorded that you use Pintastic nulled and it will never work with our script even if you decide to purchase it later.
    3. No updates
    4. No bugfixes
    5. No support
    6. No access to our community where you can get handy tips to make your script unique.
    and many many more reasons!
    Also there is no logic to start business with nulled script! How do you want ot earn money with illegal copy? Also we will pursue for illegal use of the script and we will not give up.
    So when you search for Pintastic nulled or Pintastic 3 nulled or whatever note that you are doing something that can harm your business or reputation.
    So don`t think about illegal software Buy Pintastic 3 now
  • Can I translate the script to a different language?

    Yes, you can! The script offers with a comfortable user interface from where you will be able to do the
    changes needed. Pay attention that our script works with all languages and you will have the ability to
    use even the languages that write right to left.

  • Do you offer installation of Amazon S3 modules and settings of my account there?

    Yes, of course! The installation and settings are paid for separately and can be requested at the
    purchase of the license. After you have paid we will need your data for entering the system in Amazon.


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